1. If you are still wondering what to get me, in fear of the grudge I'm bound to hold, then invest in some good locally designed tees cos my wardrobe for school is fast shrinking and overworn. I personally suggest Flesh Imp and Four Skin. Make sure it's local. Support the scene.

2. The catalogue of the year is out. I have my red China graph out. And circle and circle and contemplate and circle. The IKEA 2006/7 catalogue. For everything you SHOULD have in your home but don't. Oh yes, meatballs included. Check it online, HERE.

3. What the hell is Mahathir doing? He didn't even get through the littlest of votes of confidence in his home constituency. And now calling Pak Lah a nepotist and claiming bribery. Is he even reading the papers about how the Chees just got sued by the Lees? And those blokes didn't even do character assassination, just claimed a huge cover up conspiracy. It seems quite dumb really, second guessing your successor. Yes, you still sell water at only 3 sen a gallon, but damn, for the amount of complaining done over the years, that was more than enough time to actually set up your OWN water treatment plants and go self sufficient.

4. I don't know if I'm late to this whole furore on Sai Baba but yes, lately I've done some research on the alleged fraud that some claim he is. Fraud is one thing, but the claims of paedophilia and sexual harrassment is a bit hard to digest too.

YouTube link on BBC program, The Secret Baba, click HERE. It's an hour long. But good shiet.
Anti Sai Baba website done up by previous followers, click HERE.
Pro Sai Baba website telling the Anti Ones to go sod it, click HERE.

It's a wild ass road when you're a popular, believed to be living saint, banned from some countries cos the gahmens claim you're a cult figure.

5. Transport fares are going up between 1-3 cents. Taking into account that EVERY Singaporean can be estimated to take at least 2 bus trips a day, discounting the invalid and the drivers [even they have kids who take buses/trains yeah?], that's like millions more into the coffers of the transport companies each day. Think of it. Millions a day, billions a month. Richer than some African nations even. God bless corporate Singapore. My reaction? Buy SMRT shares of course, let's all share in the wealth.

6. George Yeo is in Cuba. Let's see apart from good Havana cigars what else could Cuba export to Singapore. Known as the "master negotiator", I'm sure Castro takes good care of him and gives him advice on hair growth.

7. There is a huge Salvador Dali, Chagall, Renoir and Picasso exhibit of art and sculptures upon us in Singapore now. It's a good chance to see the maestros' works up close and personal. Situated at Opera Gallery, Boat Quay and Orchard Road. Oh yes, all pieces are for sale too. Get your chequebooks out.

8. This IMF thing is really irritating a lot of people. Particularly the shop owners and even the maintenance and technical crew who were barred from reporting to work cos their passes weren't valid or working properly. This whole "let's suck up to the rest of the world" is very interesting to view. Resurfacing of roads, red carpet treatment, three letter word of the month is IMF and no more COE. Oh well, how does the arriving of 23,000 participants aid the average blue collar worker. Only those industries that service such grandiose gatherings right. You can never make everyone happy. The least you could do as a gahmen is make the rich get richer.


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