Rain Pain

None of my appointments materialized. Was that any great wonder? I is the king of cancellation and re-scheduling. Anyhow, I'm not in a very talkative mood. Cat got my tongue.

View, the pain of others, hilarious as they may be:

Thanks sgjobs for the link. Get to their site HERE.

Also, the tub thumping question in all our hearts. Tall, strapping, mole on the face Johnathon or goody two shoes, metrosexual Hady? I say let's go with the manjen on this one. Wait everyone say, only Malays sing well in Singapore.

In retrospect, Sylvester Sim is out of a contract, he's not a bad boy, just a loser. I'm glad he's out of the scene, for a while. While, Taufik is still hitting it with his albums. Who'd have thought? I did actually. This is the bonding of the Malay community I so admire. And they don't mind letting their wallets do the talking. Now, you tell the truth where you got your Planet Galatta tracks from? MSN buddy? Limewire? Ares? You lie, you filthy pirate. Savvy?

Oh yes, 5 men killed another at Momo. Now, I saw this coming from the very first time I was there. The very first time, which included another viewing of bloody boots and smashed noses. Will it ever stop? I hope not. Population control is so needed. Save the resources. Save Mother Earth. Kill more people. Eat less food. Breathe less air. And you can fold that in 4, turn that sum bitch sideways and shove it up your roody poo candy ass.


Late Addition:

This is for Rita. Take solace in Cake baby.

To me, coming from you,
friend is a four letter word.
end is the only part of the word
that i heard.
call me morbid or absurd.
but to me, coming from you,
friend is a four letter word

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