Dundee Died

Finally, I remembered to get back here. We're meanies you know that. Reading other people's secrets and secretly doubling over in laughter going "For real?", "Damn", "Wot an idiot!" But actually, you know on one of those days, when you're suddenly filled with melancholy, with no fuckin idea WHY u're depressed. It is a good outlet. To show, that there always is someone worse off than you.

Bon Voyage Steve Irwin. You beat up many crocs, but a stingray got you. Still, wasn't this the ending we were all expecting? The Croc Man dies cos of a croc. Though it wasn't a croc, cos God always has a sense of humour.

Still, he never got close to shaking me off my idol Crocodile Dundee, the man himself, Paul Hogan. Now, HE the man!

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