Is it it's my birthday?

4d numbers to roll:

Brother[sms]: Happy Birthday! Tell me what you want, I see if I can get it for you.
Me: Carmen Electra. By tonight.
Brother: I had her already. She wasn't that good.
Me: Damn, then never mind la. I source myself.
Brother: You do realize, nothing is coming out of your pocket, u're getting a free present right?
Me: Oh ya hor! Anything la, make sure its good and make sure it's something YOU won't use. I still wondering where my Davidoff Shower Gel went missing.

Thanks for the greetings. For those who called, I'm glad I'm worth 20 cents. For those who smsed, at least I'm worth 5 cents. For those who waited for MSN, good on you, you stingy curd. For those who had no idea, but saw my nick or my post and then it hit you, I know who you are, mofo. The least you could do now to get rid of that guilty feeling is to buy be something nice.


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