The Sink

My kitchen sink is like synonymous with the bathroom. In dialogue and conversations and overall bilateral relations. Not the huge double sink where we dump the dirty plates to be washed by an invisible genie but the smaller one that houses the toothbrushes and shavers above it in one of those "open the mirror and find your stash" contraptions.

It was Rani's birthday and thus there was no way I could get out of going to school. Good that I went though. For the first time in 6 semesters, I'm on my 7th now, I managed to stroll out knowing I scored full marks on a quiz. Do you have any idea what exhilaration that brings about?

This kinda thing sets the mood for the whole fuckin week I tell you. And of course, the length of time it took to get here, 6 semesters, 3 years. I'm really a fucked up student I think. But my condolences to Rino. Haha. I went for mine at 1030, he said he had his at 1130. I came down after acing mine, and he went off for his. He returned an hour later and I asked him how it went. He replied: "The quiz was last week dei". Hahahahhahaha. And this is why we do our degrees for 6 years.

Anyhow, the crux of this tale starts early in the morning, around the time my mum is doing the laundry and I'm doing my hair.

She: Finally going to school eh? How come you only got school once or twice a week?
Me: Skillfull timetabling. Don't disturb me, I'm a busy man.
She: Ya ya, busy with your drinking la.
Me: Shuddup. In other news, Navarathri starting right? [Wiki link on festival HERE]
She: Yes, but I don't think I going all 9 days la.
Me: Oh, I think I will go once for each 3.
She: So, today weekend means you leave the house now will only come back next morning la.
Me: No la, I got things to do and I can't bring my laptop to drink. Nasty fellows all around. Laptops are worth more than friendships.
She: So, that means coming back throw your stuff, bathe, change shirt and go la later.
Me: Thanks for the idea.
She: Why can't you be more like your father? [reeking of sarcasm here, she learnt it from me.] He don't smoke, don't drink, don't gamble.
Me: Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahaha.
She: You must tone down la if not which girl wants you?
Me: Later la, KNN now 24 only.
She: Ya, must train now ma, to drink less, smoke less, not to gamble. You already spendthrift, you like to find high maintenance girls also. Like that how?
Me: So, look for non-spendthrift girls la.
She: How you gonna know?
Me: That's why must go out with many right, to see who is and who aint. Anyway, I want to go watch Miss V on Sunday, it's a double show, wanna go?
She: Why you going? Got your friend participating ah?
Me: Maybe. Maybe not. Besides the point.
She: This is what you'll say. Suddenly I'll see one of them in the house now and then. Then you'll be super close. Then you'll keep her around for a year, then suddenly missing already.
Me: Not my fault what. I get bored.
She: You and the youngest will be the same la. Maximum one year only. It's the star you were born under la.
Me: Blehz.
She: Next time which girl you want to go out with ask them come to me for recommendation first.
Me: Why, you want to be notorious mother-in-law?
She: No, I need to warn them about you. That your attention span is 1 year only. Then your real pattern will come out only after you been drinking. Must see if she can handle this right?
Me: You ah, don't support your own son, want to support other people daughter.
She: When I first marry your father, I also had a lot of dreams and hopes. But now? Haiz. Must make sure you don't go spoil another poor girl's life right.
Me: [quickly pondering if I should maintain this conversation, I think better not, I is too smart to be stuck within a parental conflict] Ok ok, don't waste my time. But I'll remember this Rani. You don't support me. KNN.
She: Go go go.

I damn poor thing la. Pity me.

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