Martian Monday

I have a question. Pluto was recently relegated from our Solar System as the 9th planet. This means that all who have memorized MVEM JSUN P, the order of planets from closest to the Sun to the farthest have all got just 8 to remember now. Firstly, read the full story HERE. I had no idea that all it took was a vote among the most big fuck astronomers in the world to kick a puny planet off the solar system, something we all took for granted.

More importantly, where does this place astrology now. Zodiac signs no change, Sun signs no change, Moon signs no change. But what of Indian astrology, where all calculations based on your time of birth and the position of the 9 planets at that time. And where your future is also calculated based on that benchmark and also using the 9 planets. What do we do with the 9 idols in temple, arranged in square fashion? Shall we take the last one and ask him to get a move on cos astronomers in 2006 suddenly decided what folks believed aeons ago was crap?

A little bit of trivia: In the ancient Vedic astrological texts, only 7 main planets were mentioned. So, who was the clown who brought the other 2 into play? And here I'm assuming its Neptune and Pluto.

Perhaps something that SHOULD have been astrologically foretold would be the siting of the new bus interchange in Boon Lay. I think in all fairness, none of the residents of Boon Lay really inhabit the interchange. Rather its school kids going to school, workers off to their factories, and army men heading to SAFTI. Boon Lay isn't even real Boon Lay. Boon Lay MRT is actually smack in the middle of Jurong West. Ok, fuck it. Now, that there is major construction going on, apart from the clouds of dust, what it means is that Jurong Point is soon going to be a graveyard and a hellhole combined. The Old Chang Kee's might as well close down as with other establishments who depend greatly on human traffic.

And who the fuck made the decision of putting the 179/199 bus bay so goddamn far away. A good 150 metres we walk from the train to catch the bus. Wasn't integration supposed to make life easier? To think, this is only temporary and the interchange will shift again into some modernistic a la Toa Payoh creation.

Carrying on, about the worst times of the day to get on the 179 to get to NTU is in time for the first period. That is your 830 am lesson. I don't get it. Why is the 179 queue longer than the Hello Kitty ones when Mac Dees first introduced the craze? And why is its sister bus, 199 only boasting of a queue of a maximum of 15 at each time? Are you guys just plain dumb?

See, unless you are going to the South Spine, you aren't really fucked for choices. See, if you study in the North, then the 179 gets you down canteen side, while the 199 gets you down NIE side, just a fuckin overhead bridge away!!!! Is it so goddamn hard, to just get the 199? Or is it that you read in some student handbook that 179 - NTU, 199 - NIE and thus, no way in God's green earth would you ever mix up the twain!

Cure your vile, half baked, dumb ass thoughts freshmen. And don't stare when we cut the queue, that's what the seniors do. It's called having friends who understand that the 8 am hashbrown is much fresher than the 8:29 am one. Come to think of it, how rare it is to find a senior actually GOING for the first lesson. How extremely rare to see ME, ME! , going for it. So spare a thought, support our education, or we'd just skip school altogether just cos of the motherfucking bus queues.

P.S. Don't think I'm illiterate and can't read the "No Smoking" sign on the pillars. I smoke cos I can. Get a bus capitaan to ask me to stop. Don't frown with your "I just got out of JC and can't fathom this possibility of no uniforms" faces.


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