Filler Weekend

Now, I'm all in the mood to talk about fillers. Fillers more commonly known to us anime fans are when the creators of said animation series, REFUSE to follow the manga (comic) storyline strictly and instead digress into side stories. Something like the movie "Madurai" last night starring Vijay, where my youngest appropriately pointed out that a flashback within a flashback is the most stupidest thing ever seen in Tamil cinema. Everybody look up, tilt your head at a 45 deg. angle now, wait for that bubble to materialize, and view events of the past.

So, the birthday is over. Or is it? This whole 1 month festival is kinda draining on the pocket. Very actually. I check my bank account details like a fuckin paranoid awaiting the apocalypse schizo.

I think I'm gonna maintain this whole club just 1 day of a week thing. Because, suddenly my weekends feel longer. I'm still deciding which day is best. Fridays are rowdy, but Saturdays make my Sunday feel like crap. Appetite less, mood less, crap.

Amaran was ok-ok. Thanks Sumi for the company. It was a good virgin effort no? The place is getting darker everytime I walk in. Someone have a thing for the dimmer switch? Or did it get smashed up in the last bottle flinging fight?

As usual, we saw the usual people with their usual crap pattern. I don't see how come someone or organization can get away with stamping their name over a particular night, when the general public is let in anyway. Cover charge? What cover charge? But amazingly for the first time, I saw not a group of boys trying to protect their "just met you in the first week of school" women from other predators, but the reverse! A group of girls attempting to save their "my precious, LOTR style" from other alleged man-eaters. Urmz. *Scratches head* Only in NUS. Nod nod.

To think I only had my fun over at Raagawood for the post-party. I cannot take it. Ending the night at 3 or 4. It really is a waste of resources. And 430 is not a good bedtime, cos that's when the folks who gotta work in my house actually get up and the hustle bustle in my house is quite irritating. Thanks Joe Black and Clement and Krishna. It was a good ending to the night.

How do you know when you've had the most drunken night out and nothing went bad? When you do your mandatory sms to one of your kakis who was with you going:"Everything alright? You feeling fine?" cos he was quite smashed, and he replies "Yeah I am. Why what happened last night? I can't remember a thing". Well done. Twas a good night then.

Did I mention I got accosted outside Amaran by someone who demanded an explanation as to why I'm attempting to defame kelings? I said :"Are you keling?". He went, "yeah.". I went, "Oh, sorry then, I'm indian.".

Ah, the joy of setting things straight. What do I need to do? Write a full transript of the beginnings, roles, ideals and rationale of said sister website for people to understand? Ultimately though, it's me. You try handling this explanations to half drunk fist happy Yindians. I can.

Chandi! My deepest apologies man. Hope your day went well. I wish you all the fuckin best as much as a brother can. We'll do the post-op meet. This time, I want some Filipinas!

Nal says she only skims my long posts cos the paragraphing is horrid. Nal also wants me to stick to the original font size. Let's see what the public has to say bout that.

You know I'm blabbering when I'm simply lost for things to say. So rare. Me having nothing to say. So I'm gonna skim the papers, and see what gives. Apparently, the CNB and Customs have really had their hands full these days with Subutex and cigarette busts. And fix me a coffee. And have a few cigs. And reminisce about Deeps, mine and Nal's favourite waitress, with her oversized uniform and horrid shoes. We love the hair though babe, what cute intertwining lacing pattern it formed.

Pictures from Brazil Churrascaria at 6th Avenue:
Review: Click HERE.

Nal fiddling with her phone, attempting to find the photog of her son's FIRST adult tooth.

After realizing, my phone has this "mini display" camera function so you can take your own shots.

The cork from the wine bottle from a vineyard I am not intelligent enough to name. She kept it as a souvenier to sell when I make it big.

Brazil is not spelt this way. Very indicative that the artist was very very lost in his world. Just like his art. "Speak Good English Campaign!" cos gahmen sed so.

Word of the day: "I know a myriad [say it indiano style emphasizing the mayiru portion] of vulgarities"


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