I shall give you some bitch-ass trivia to mark your weekend.

1. Stop this whole " Have you watched Prison Break. It's awesome!" with me. I, together with Arch are already at Season 2 Episode 5. Whatever discussion on plot and characters, we've been there like a month back liao.

2. I have reversed all my views on my tuition kid. He aint dumb. Just bloody careless. All it took for him to have me go on a u-turn? "I want to get an A" said in the most matter-of-factly tone ever. Plus the fact that his mum offered me breakfast this morning. Not coffee, not ice water, not a biscuit but full blown breakfast. See Nal, it's good to pay more than bus-fare to the tuition teacher. [just jokin ah, don't hantam me]

3. Indonesian businessman Rustam Angkasa [real estate and shipping] spends $4 million on an East Coast bungalow, $1500 monthly on food, $800 monthly on 24 hour air con bills. For his 6 Siberian Huskies. [What are 6 for? To pull his sled on his Christmas carolling routine?]

4. Someone named Chua Jin Chou emptied his life savings for the President's Star Charity, knocked on doors to collect school bags for the kids in Cambodia and sponsored a child in Mongolia. Chua Jin Chou is 7 years old. [Shame on all of you!]

5. STDs are on the rise in Singapore with each walk-in patient at the STD clinics claiming to have at least 4 sexual partners before. In irony, officials have expressed alarm over the rise of the HIV-infected statistics but the gahmen is dead against widespread promotion of condom use and is partly blaming the gay community for the problem. [Yes, I'm sure receiving some rubber in your mailbox would totally freak us out of our Confucian societal beliefs.]

6. Today is a survey at my place on whether to upgrade my block with lifts that stop at every floor. For the surrounding 3 room blocks, it's a simple procedure, just make sure the existing lift stops at every floor. For my 4 room block, we gotta build 3 new lifts. The cost per household is around $3K. All it takes is 75% of your block to say "GO!" and you gotta go fishing in your wallet for $3000 like it or not. Ah, now the true litmus test of being in a community comes about. I wonder, how many of the 8 houses on the 2nd floor are actually gonna vote "Yes".

7. No matter what you do, no matter who tries to con you, DO NOT invest in the new Carlsberg Royal Stout with Ginseng. Trust me on this one. I know my beers.

8. Brokers are only kind to you and polite when you still hold accounts with them. The moment you want to clean house and leave, expect a clingy girlfriend-esque confrontation.

9. My longing to move out of my house is going to be vastly accelerated because my folks REFUSE to switch to the new digital set top box. When I say, I'll cover the difference in rental [it's only 2 more bucks a month!], the idea was still rejected claiming we need to give the old punched up, broken in 3 pieces remote too and looking at the condition, they'll charge us an extra $25. When even that fee was offered to be covered by me, I was dumbfounded that they pulled off all the stops and came up with this gem of a one-liner: "We don't care, anyway, the SCV is in your dad's name so you also can't do anything about it."

10. The factors of ten are one, two and five. The multiples of ten are ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, ten-ty, eleven-ty, ....... [True story. Heard from some other bloke teaching tuition to a primary school kid]


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