Birthday Luncheon

So, do I love these guys or do I love these guys? Simran, Sara, Rani, Selven and Vik took me out to lunch for my birthday. IT was high time I ate anyhow, was bumming in school all the way to 130 waiting for ALL the blokes to be done with lessons. I on the other hand, did the customary pop in, investigate when's the quiz and leave routine.

Unfortunately, sometimes I say the stupidest things. And cos, of me insisting naan was not my cup of tea, we ended up at Gayatri's. When we could have been buffeting at Riverwalk Tandoor. Both fine joints anyhow.

Lunch was fun. :) Especially when you eat with 5 people who don't attack their food like the savage I am. Trust me, good Indian food, everyday for the rest of my life, 3 times a day, is my lifelong dream. I shall now have to date only the good cooks. An interesting observation: North Indians are such neat eaters. They don't really mix it all up like how we Southies do. Do you remember when you were young and your mum used to roll rice, gravy, veggie, meat all together into little balls. So, it was easier to stuff into your mouth? Well, Vik and Sim managed to always maintain a perfect buffer between their rice, which was in a perfect circle at all times, with the rest of the food items.

One thing about this hot new item on the table, that is not cutlery related. It's those automated "ding dong "alarm thingys. A wireless system I first saw at Shakunthala's and now here. The thingy doubles up as a placecard holder and a "call the waiter" system. It's got this buttons going "Drink", "Service", "Food", "Bill". Ok, I understand the bill thing. But, whatever the other 3 you press, the same bloke who waiters your table is gonna come what. He/She is still gonna ask "Yes, what you want?". Then, what's the point. And then when they finally come, the first thing they say is not "Yes, how may I helpsch you" but "Can press Cancel?". Another tarnish in the land of 4 million smiles.

I love Mysore mutton. And tauhu sambal. Haiz. I could live on these two dishes forever. The Chicken 65 wasn't perfect. I expected that actually, but Rani decided she was gonna be ordering things "her way".

Finally, the photos. A bit of whoring la. I seldom take photos anyway ma.

The Cake. Chocolate Truffles from Prima Deli. Solid crunchy CoCo Pops like stuff embedded in the middle. Wafers on the top.

Selven, the only one photographed stealing his piece. Just to amplify that he is getting fat.

Rani and Me. The "Let's make him jealous" picture.

Vik and Me. Wot a hemsem hunk.

Selven. The criminal. Wearing his 24343243e454545th NIN tee shirt.

Sim refused to be displayed on the WWW, claiming her talent agent will want to charge me a fee for the publicity. Sara, we HAVE to take a better photo next time. At the Quad we shall. Everyone do the Q sign. Everyone do the "I heart C V" sign. Thanks for the Carolina Herrera 212 fellas. I lau you all.


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Iluzija said...

Eh this def an example of a KLKopykat. wasnt this ringer thing first spotted in Sakae sushi and got modified to a computer?
And is this rest the new hot spot in little india? had lunch at this place twice.. too posh for my liking though.