Many many things running through my mind. As of this second is why this fucking I-Stick I got early today is unrecognized by any of my 3 USB Ports. The fella in the comp shop with the white specs has to answer. I know bro, in our conversation this morning the words "need a coffee?" and "i'll give you my eternal friendship" cropped up. But all that is void if my fuckin USB drive don't work! Comprende?

First of, a lot of us in this nation are very interested in political satire. Basically, I think its a fine way to laugh at our gahmen, and politicians through people who actually can make fun of them and get away with it. Talkingcock.com, Mrbrown, Miyagi have pulled this off so well, LHL actually mentions them in his National Day Rally. But, as with all creative people, no point talking if the dough aint clinking in their pockets. The people behind talkingcock.com have put up a solid film called "Singapore Dreaming".

I know some of you blokes look down on all things local but seriously, go fuck yourself? We are Singapore, we are Singapore! If you aint gonna support local acts like Ronin and Electrico, and aint gonna wanna pay 8 dollars to catch Colin Goh or Royston Tan then don't let us be catching you masturbating over Jamie Yeo and Fiona Xie. Geddit?

Herein, the details for Singapore Dreaming. Go watch. Make it a success for a Singapore story. It's in Mandarin with English littered throughout. I caught it. I love it. You should see it too.

Singapore Dreaming is a realistic, touching and bitingly funny film that will make you take a closer look at yourself and your family. In fact, it is the one film that you can take every generation of your family to see! Come on, thank your parents for bringing you to the movies as a kid, by bringing them to watch Singapore Dreaming.

The film stars award-winning actors Richard Low, Serene Chen and Lim Yu-Beng, as well as Alice Lim, Dick Su and Yeo Yann Yann in possibly the strongest acting ensemble ever assembled in Singapore film to date. It also features a powerful script by http://www.TalkingCock.com founders Colin Goh & Woo Yen Yen. With dialogue in English, Mandarin and Hokkien, it is also subtitled entirely in English and Mandarin.

For more reviews, clips and information, please visit: http://www.SingaporeDreaming.com

SINGAPORE DREAMING also just had a SOLD OUT Charity Gala with AWARE on Aug 30th. All 5 halls at GV Grand in Great World City were booked up and filled!
(See pictures of the Gala here http://www.singaporedreaming.com/blog/)

The actors were all very deeply moved as audiences streamed out of the theatres and thanked them warmly for their sincere and realistic acting. One secondary school teacher came out of his hall in tears, telling the actors that this was the “best teachers’ day present ever” as he felt that Singapore Dreaming was also telling his story. Hearing him say this, actors Yeo Yann Yann and Alice Lim were also moved to tears

Singapore Dreaming is also the first and only Singaporean film to be selected by the prestigious San Sebastian International Film Festival, where it is in competition for both the Montblanc Screenwriters Award and the Altadis New Directors Award.

You may view clips and trailers here: http://www.singaporedreaming.com/downloads1.htm

So please come and watch the film, and help spread the word – Singaporean filmmakers need all the support and feedback they can get!

It will be screening at all Golden Village cinemas, all Cathay cineplexes, and selected Shaw and Eng Wah cinemas.

The film is being screened digitally at Eng Wah cinemas at Suntec City, Toa Payoh and WestMall – the first Singapore film to be encoded and projected digitally.

Group discounts are also available. For details, please visit: http://www.singaporedreaming.com/advancebooking.htm

For more information and updates, please log on to: http://www.SingaporeDreaming.com

It was a Monday. Mondays mean I got no school. So why was I up the whole night. Blame it on restlessness, blame it on a childcare teacher needing to colour fishes for her kids (though I loved the midnight company) and blame it on insomnia. Speaking about insomnia, apparently these NUS blokes who have too much time on their hands, are running a night called, you guessed it "Insomnia". Are these fellas all students or just vying for their first slot on the telly, the way they organize entertainment like nobody's business?

Business it is alright. I wonder sometimes, where all the money goes. Charity? Maybe. That's what these blokes said bout their last "roadshow". Why call a roadshow a roadshow when you do it in a CC instead of at the side of the road. Why does NUS need a roadshow? To attract future applicants to it's hallowed halls? I thought that was the job of the school administration and management not bamboozled 20 year old children?

And did they mention during that particular "roadshow" that part of the proceeds will be to charity? Yes they did. I mean seriously, if you run an event AND promise something to charity. You better fuckin well name the charity way before the first tickets are sold. For all you know, some of us, don't really want to watch your decadent dances but just want our dough to reach the mouths and stomachs of the poor.

Since when did "part of the proceeds" become such a cliche line? Have you ever heard of this crap other than from this institution, which has not one, not two, not three but FOUR indian/indian-linked societies that run events all year round? The next time, you pitch an event to the unassuming "don't ask too many questions la Indian population", I suggest you state exactly WHAT percentage of the GROSS or NETT that you are promising to WHICH charity. This is in matter of ethics and fairness. I don't think I'm wrong to demand this from the fine institution that produces the leaders of our nation, am i, as a philanthropic citizen of this fine nation?

But back to this Insomnia thing. Where I figure, insomnia is what will hit you when you actually see some of the women that inhabit this particular club face on. Ever got slapped by a "look"? You might even get frozen into stone. Careful. So, yes, they is Insomniac-king at Amaran this Friday. I say we all go and see what a fine institution can come up with within the dark confines of a KLKlub, flush with alcohol and cigarettes and seedy strangers like myself.

If you is joining me there, for my post "actual" birthday, drink-a-ma-jit, take note that it's self funding. I cannot la. Money no enough to feed all you KLKaysiao drunkards.

I digress too much. Today I actually was walking around this fine institution. And well, same brats, different clothes. And I managed to con RT out of a laptop cover. THANKS sweetie! I lau u many many. KLKala! You cheated me, promised me free wireless and cheated me. But still, nice to see you again sweets.

Now, I need to rant. See, I got cheated out of a lift out of school so I set off to get a cab. Lo and behold, there were already 2 fellas at the sidewalk. So, of course as polite Singaporean boy, I stood behind them. Fair enough? When I was the next in line to get the cab, this Ang Moh dude just cuts me la! With his 4 year old kid summore. Nee Na Bei! Ang Moh big fuck? The thing is if it was a foreign exchange student also I not angry, cos can just attribute it to culture vulture and let it go. But, it was definitely some professor dude. Arsehole. Is this how they do it back home? Cut cabs and give the "I have the right of way" look? Needless to say I was pissed off enough, to actually ask the 4 year old kid to step back when he went towards the door, simultaneously signing his dad that "This is mine. Any problem?".

The cabbie felt my pain though. And he recounted how, he once was caught in the middle of an Ang Moh and some Chinese dudes quarreling over who had the cab. I didn't catch the intricacies only his final words. So they "gave it to him la". I'm willing to stake a large sum of cash to say the "it" wasn't the privilege of riding the cab. Hoot ah! Well we are the land of 4 million smiles ma. Smile and beat.


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