Birthday Opening

Yes, the birthday month is now open for business. And we opened it in true KelingKia fashion last night. Although, I couldn't match some of my boy's determination and stamina in starting at 1pm all the way to 10 pm at Tekka Market, I did get my ass there at about 8 to fuel it. Then, the normal few joints. A pint here, a jug there. And it is all set. The birthday month is has started.
Breaking into some 1980s song. Best buddy attempting to still pose. He was high on Coke. 8 cans till then. After his bike/car licenses kena gantung cos of drink driving, he only drinks once a year, and thus pukes once a year. At the Hungry Ghost Auction.

Total damage: $189. [Damn, debit cards!]

In the recent week, due to bouts of insomnia, I've actually been alerted to the attention of a group of people who have always been around and yet, I just didnt bother to understand their plight. I seriously feel something needs to be done, for the autistic population of Singapore. More details later, but what U can do for ME, is let me know if any of you personally has an autistic sibling, or even if it's your friend's brother/sister, put me in touch with them.

Also, many many people have fixed appointments with me this week, and yet I've forgot most of them. Except my Wednesday and Friday plans. So, yes, please remind me where I'm supposed to be when, or the only thing I'll be seeing in those time slots is my bed and duvet.

My laptop is going on loan to a friend who tragically got it stolen from her locker at school. So, my free wireless stealing ways are on halt for the month of September. But not to worry, I will just go on overdrive-theft when it comes back to me.

Actually, I wanted to bitch about school. But it will have to wait. My phlegm clogged windpipe is going to give out and I need to flush it with some good old tobacco smoke.


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