MSN Blocks

What happens when everytime you're sitting at your computer just randomly scoping and you see your younger brother sign in and the first thing you do is shout "Ammmmmmma.....he's using the computer without permission again!"?

What happens when you have a younger brother who is constantly restricted access to the whims and wonders of the world wide web and he has a tell tale older brother who just loves to take sadistic action whenever he breaches the boundaries?

What happens when everytime he's told upon, follows a 1/2 hour lecture by dear mum, followed by a quick password change on the System Bios?

He blocks you on his MSN. That's what.

Arsehole! *Evil Laffter*

Late Edition:

And how do you make him admit that he did it? Without any prodding. Do this:
Me: Eh, this file too big for the thumb drive la. How ah?
He: Just send thru MSN la, the LAN is fast what.
Me: But for that you gotta unblock me what?
He: Oh ya........eh...wait...how u know?!!?!
Me: Smirk mudderfucker!
He: Asshole!

Wahahahahhahahahhahha. I love lazy Sundays don't you?

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