Singapore Dreaming

I caught Singapore Dreaming today with Joanne. And it was great! Just the right amount of humour, embroiled with the right amount of emotion, and that poignant stench of realism all in one helluva rojak movie. If you can handle, 1.5 hours of Hokkien, Mandarin and some English, go catch it. If you are just not a China and it's dialects kinda person, it's ok. Wear earplugs and read the subtitles.

For a local production, this is really worth catching. Don't expect Eric Khoo's abstract or Jack Neo's slapstick, just go in wanting to have a good time and you will. Of course, bring good company to help you with the popcorn too.

Oh yes, Cathay Cineplex, the "old" new Cathay that is, is one heck of a solid cinema to view a flick in. Try it. Use the Internet Booking thingy to get choice seats too.

The birthday collection continues. Items of the day include:
Dunhill Desire Blue

Rocker Tee from Jungle Ape Clothing Bangkok

King of Hearts lighter

And so it is, just like you said it would be. Oh yes, for the unintiated and non-current affairs people around [read: what the fuck is a newspaper?], Abigail Chay has finally come forth to reveal she's a tranny. I wonder why it never hit me. I always just thought what an ugly broad. Go flip to Life! today and you'll see she was quite a handsome dude before her whole sex change op. Ah, Singaporeans, shocking us every day. What next? Zoe Tay actually KNOWS that "I swallow" was sexual innuendo?


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