The Bathroom

I live in one of those old school houses. Where, the store room is actually the prayer room. The toilet in the master bedroom becomes the storeroom and thus is never used also cos, no one in my family likes to sit, we love to squat.

So, that leaves the bathroom at the kitchen that's used by one and all. To wash your legs, bathe, do your business and have your one-on-one time with your body. It's one of those under renovated ones. You can see how the pipe is getting a tad rusty. The toilet itself needs fixing now and then or the flush screws up on you. The roof of the toilet is pretty much waterlogged with paint peeling cos we don't and never will understand the concept of a "dry" bathroom.

And the door to such an abode is the old school zinc one. With a space between the door and the door frame, to hang your towels over. And locked by those brass key into the hole thingies. Easily unlocked by sliding a toothbrush or any other flat object beneath it and lifting. Very essential when someone needs to be "Punk'd". Though, pouring ice cold water over the top of the door would suffice in most circumstances.

My bathroom is also the focal point of all mother-son dialogues. The best times to want to remind me of an event, impart some good motherly advice or simply fuck me up is when I'm in the shower. Even with water drowning out most of the words, it's still effective. Isn't anybody at their most vulnerable when they're naked?

Few days back though, while I was doing my hair and my mum was in the shower, I broached something with her.

Me: Ma, last time you play hockey for Naval Base Sec right?
She: Yeah la, you don't say anything to disturb me ah.
Me: No la, you very famous what. Your photo still on the Hockey Club Hall of Fame. You the player who never use the stick and hit the ball and like to hit other players right? Break the record for red cards right?
She: So what? Everyone do the same what.
Me: Now, I know. Where we get our violent vein from. Machi nee ponna violence la.

I lau my mum. Especially when I turn up drunk at 9 am in the morning but instead she focusses on the good that I actually brought breakfast for her. Was the tau hway nice?


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