Sian Saturday

This is my boy ML. Caught on a lazy ass day spreading out to sleep on the carpeted floor. Boss out ma. So, I is boss. Let him sleep la. I'm a nice boss

And, how I wish I learnt C++. Not to pass my module in school, I've yet to do so after 3 years, but so I also can snook my teachers this way.

Also, my Firefox is back on track. Amazing how to someone like me, the idea of opening it in "safe mode" and then sorting out the errors didn't even occur. Anyhow, thanks for the thoughtfulness. The wake up call was a waste thought. Lesson learnt is when no alcohol is involved, I actually CAN get up at 9 am.


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Jasmine said...

no problemo. sorry i couldn't call earlier. :)

and what's with the tagger? you know who it is?