Poobs Launch

I have launched the P-man blog. I think it is only right if we chronicle all the annals of the P-man for all generations, or at least the wired ones to observe and learn.
After all, what is history if we don't learn from it.

You can find the link on the sidebar under the "Classics" heading, or click HERE and bookmark the site.

I'm stuck in a real moral dilemma now. My boss last night needed me to seperate him from the P-man and take him down for beer. Yes, it was Friday and cos of the Big P, we had to put in OT till 9 pm to cover his shit.

I quote him: "NNB, that bastard. I actually used the F word on one of my men you know. It's been bloody 20 years since I've ever done that. I really can't take this anymore la."

Now, he wants me to write an "objective" assessment of the P-man's workability as an employee of my organization. Sounds very "pour sand into the rice bowl" to me. I think I'll abstain. If fate wills it, what I do or don't do will make the end result the same anyway. But my boss had a different way of putting it across to me.

Boss: Remember the movie Spiderman?
ME: Yeah?
Boss: You know that part where Spiderman will let the robber go, help him actually, but later cos of him his uncle will die?
Me: Uh-huh...
Boss: Yeah la, I need to kill THIS robber to save all the rest of the future "uncles" he MIGHT kill throughout the rest of his career.
Me: Wah seh. You also creative ah Sir. Amazing what 5 cans of beer does to our imagination. I see how la, I scared karma.
Boss: Why you scared? I'm Buddhist, I can teach you bout Karma. Trust me. In this situation, Karma is on my account because I'm the one who's gonna perform the action what. You just provide a little bit of input just to see if what I think tallies with what you think.
Me: Urmz......


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