Computer Romance

My computer's finally back to me. She must have enjoyed the air con at the shop a lot. Summore my comp repair man is my optician's younger brother. So, it all works out when it comes down to a discount.

I got her made when I was in Year 1. New hostel room, new sheets, new tees, new dreams and a new "female" to accompany me by. All the rest of the doofuses in my tut group wanted to use the laptop loan to get themselves some new sleek Fujitsu thingamajit. But for fuck, you get your lappie in the first year, by the third it's already gone obsolete. You end up graduating and still forking out payments for a dinosaur that is already rusting in the karang guni man's cart.

Alas, the room, tees, sheets, dreams have all gone by the way of the past. Only "she" has remained. Faithful for the last 3 years. But, also smashed a record of mine. See, I hate repairmen. Never think I need to pay for something I could do myself if I just researched it enough. And I did get through the small glitches for the 1st two years. But when you can't be sure if it's just your RAM or your entire motherboard's fried then you gotta get professional help.

But, there comes a time when the dinosaurs gotta go the way of Jurassic Park and it's hideous sequels. So, this final $45 repair bill for the power supply is like the last I'm a gonna fork out. I'm sorry baby. Don't throw tantrums on me again. I have a good mind on that latest ATI chip. And guess who's gotta go to make way for my new nitrogen cooled, see through, LED massive chassis. Yup. You guessed it.

On another hand, my dad seems to be back to his old routine. Ironing clothes, bitching about rubbish bins not cleared and generally coming to me at weird times with weird stuff like, "Don't hang around outside after 12, times are dangerous". I used to make fun of this whole you from the 60s-70s, I is in the 20s. But, fuck it la. Old people will do as they please.

He got a coupla visitors today. And people keep stopping me at the kopitiam, 4D shop and the mamak stall to ask me about his health. So tiring. I just passed his number to all of them going "I think it'd be better if you asked him straight. He'd like that very much". Alas, his own employers didn't bother to show any care and concern. Good job Comfort. :) Go fuck your blue cabs mofos.

But of course the mandatory hamper did arrive, albeit from a most unexpected source. Was from the chariot committee from the Potong Pasir temple. They had only realized something was up cos he didn't attend a meeting or sumpin, but lo and behold, their reaction was a fast one indeed.

Thus, tomorrow I attack work. 11 more days to payday. KNN. What a wait. Been waiting for so long for some dough. Finally it arrives. And of course the mailbox is flush with bills with my name on it. I really gotta tell these people that anything marked "reminder" is promptly thrown away. I don't even bother opening it. Unless registered mail la, then must read cos people bothered to pay 4 dollars to send it to you ma, could be lawyer's letter. Otherwise, you fuggers have a good week. I'll catch up with you over the rainbow with hash-brownies and a mug of hot choco.

Sayonara! [they really should stop showing Karate Kid re runs on AXN]

Late Addition:

Now, my dad suddenly wants to quit smoking. What fags have to do with diabetes, HBP, and a stomach ulcer I have no idea. But, the reality has just sunk in. I no longer have the license to display my pack of cigs around the house like they were part of the furniture.:( I is has been threatened that it will be removed forcefully in order to assist my dad's efforts to quit. Damn middle aged desires!

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