Tired la this weekend.

1. I realized a new way of spelling my name. After all the "shankars" I've seen stored in people's handphones, my friend stumped me with his new version. "Shangka". You win, Black. Lu menang!

2. It is finally hit me hard how hard a taxi driver earns his dough. My dad hasn't driven for a week, cos of his hospitalization and all, and the rental and income loss is almost in the 900 region. Damn. Thank you to those who have given me some money here and there. I is dutifully buying groceries with it.

3. Fuckin pissed off with my youngest. That ass actually chose his TV over visiting my dad. How fucked up is that? I woke up heard the news and just had time to bathe, change and ciao. After a call to check if they needed anything. And this knnbccb says, I tired. I wanna watch movie. I this I that. CCB! What's wrong with kids these days ah. Your own pops you know. If I was in the middle of fuckin Tibet also, I'd be frantically booking my next flight out. Haiz. Dissapointment. Nothing a few well-placed slaps won't put across.

4. This goes out to you. I know your sneaky movements. You know my number. Let's finish this. If you are itching for blood. Then scratch on. I really am not altering my lifestyle to look out for dennis the menace popping out of the woodwork. Just remember, even if 10 people sit around you and bitch, there's always that 1 loyal one who comes back to me with the info. Cheers.

5. Something so super hilarious occurred on Saturday. Happy Birthday Abang Jas again. If you want to get drunk on your birthday, do it with style and knowing your limitations. I quote "I already tell all the brothers already, no tequila shots or waterfalls for me tonight. Cos leceh la, when I get drunk, I wild." So, take heed. Know your limits. Don't be like a cockster I know, who got so drunk at the pre-birthday bash at the coffeeshop that he didnt even have the strength to walk to the club and went straight home to sleep while we went in.

6. Gangs are getting so big these days. After a typical post drinking fracas. I saw this big bunch of young punks gonna square it off with a big bunch of oldies. Best part, the oldies were actually their seniors in the ranks. The youngsters just didnt know cos their group is SO big, some of them go through life just not seeing another member's face, ever. Damn, what they need is an organizational guru. Me. I'll talk to them about the contract in a bit.

Sleepy la. I had a good day today. I hope. Too soon to say. Better to shut the fuck up and go into work tomorrow expecting a bad day, then when nothing happens, it becomes a bonus.


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