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First things first. Remember, Prison Got No Broadband. An initiative by mrbrown and miyagi to persistently offer non-political broadcasts of the local blogging scenes' take on the elections. It is illegal to to blog, podcast or publish anything that persistently promotes a certain political view, or political party. Refer to mrbrown.com for relevant write up on how we should go about letting our views be heard anyhow, here.

The initial offerings of the WP. KNN fucking a lot of crowd at their rallies ah. For rally thoughts, first read Rockson, then SingaBloodyPore and then Yawning Bread. I love all three of these blokes for their take on this.

Check this out, the WP Rally at Hougang Field last night:
Every little dot there is a human being. Stage is to the far left.

And at Ubi:

Rockson link.
SingaBloodyPore link.
SGRally link.
Yawning Bread link. Credit for the photos.

On a different but similar thread, all you folks would have seen the vans and other vehicles blaring the "Vote for so and so" messages from time to time. This is what I wanna do when I next see one, cos amazingly I have not even seen one of this so-called vans blaring whatever. I think AMK no kick la. Peeper think the Emperor's Child is gonna sweep the ground with WP's ass.

Disclaimer: this is a theoretical exchange from the figments of my imagination. it did not happen. I hope it did though.

Party Acolytes: *Horn*Horn*Vote PAP!*
Me: Eh uncle, stop stop stop, I want to ask you something.
Party Acolytes: *after stopping* Yes boy?
Me: So, urmz, you want me vote you guys eh.
Party Acolytes: Yeah, cos we're better
Me: Uh huh, so what do you stand for?
Party Acolytes: Huh?
Me: I mean what is your party stand la, what are you gonna do for me, for my vote. What have you done for me lately?
Party Acolytes: Ah, give you make more money la, then peace and prosperity lor.
Me: Okkkk, anything else?
Party Acolytes: Ermm, help the poor? the elderly and those peeper who cannot make it one la.
Me: Cool. So helping me la? By the way, if not too much to ask can lend me fifty first not? Help me now la I vote you later.
Party Acolytes: Alamak, how can you ask like that. No la. We also is volunteer you know. Don't get paid want for this.
Me: Wah, not bad ah, your company give you take leave so you can go shouting ah.
Party Acolytes: Ah, yes la. For the party, its all for the party.
Me: Eeeeyurgh, sounds so communist.
Party Acolytes: No la ah boy, you just put the cross on the correct box la. Life will be better. The lightning one.
Me: Can can, no problem. I very the impressed by you already.

On Polling Day, May 6th, I am walking with my polling card [received already!] to Deyi Secondary and casting my secret BUT tangible vote. And I am gonna put one cross for the lightning one, cos the acolytes have impressed me with their youthful exuberance though they are huffing and puffin out of lack of breath. And I also am gonna put a cross for the hammer one, cos their manifesto looks good and that Glenda Han, knnbccb chioest politician around ah.

And the counting blokes are gonna hold my one up high and shout "SPOILT".

God bless the right to vote.

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