Smoking Idols

Graphic warnings introduced on cigarette packaging since August 2004 seem to have had an effect on smokers, according to a survey by the Health Promotion Board.

Nearly half (47 percent) said they smoked less frequently after seeing the health warnings, while 57 percent said they became more concerned about the health effects of smoking.

The survey covered some 1,300 smokers and non-smokers from the ages of 18 and 69.

It was conducted between November and December 2004, a few months after the health warnings were introduced on cigarette packaging.

The survey also showed that the labels were effective in reinforcing health messages among smokers.

Seventy-one percent said they knew more about the health effects of smoking as a result of the warnings, while a quarter said they were motivated by the warnings to quit smoking.

The warnings also helped kick-start the quitting process among smokers -- 28 percent said they smoked fewer cigarettes; 14 percent said they made it a point to avoid smoking in front of children; 12 percent said they avoided smoking in front of pregnant women; and 8 percent said they smoked less at home.

Among non-smokers, 46 percent said they had advised smokers to quit smoking after seeing the health warning labels; 17 percent of them were wives who had advised their husbands to quit smoking.

The Health Promotion Board said it was looking at introducing a new set of graphic health warnings by the end of the year.

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How propaganda-ish. Ask a smoker. Any smoker. Not of course the 1300 interviewed pro-MOH ones, whether these friggin photos have any effect on us. Zilch I tell you.

Except the chicks who prefer the ones NOT with the baby. Or, the ones with a weak heart who'd rather not see the bleeding lung/heart/whatever organ that is, I have no idea only a medical student knows la.

And the effective labels? "Smoking can cause a slow painful death". Already, they themselves not sure want to write "can" or "will". Put one quit hotline number 438-2000, that sounds more apt for some Singapore idol behind the scenes poll.

You want a good warning label? Check this out.

Talkin bout Idol Feva, Glenn Ong is convinced that he has an impersonator in the finals. Some one who looks like him, talks like him and what not. Get a life la Glenn. And I quote from the Morning Show on Class95, "I don't know what he's going to do you know, cos FD you KNOW I can sing, and I look real good, and I have a fantastic image". Well not really a quote, a paraphrase if you will. Still, Glenn, suck ma dick, call me daddy. :)

On the other hand, if you drop by your friendly Borders or Kino or wherever it is you pay exhorbitant prices for just words on pages for, do give this a flip. Slated as the next big thing.


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