Request Denied

So, at first I thought I had a good one week break, of which I wanted to meet a lot of people and put in some work too. However, my dear employers have since informed me that I need to report to work on Tuesday. That's one hell of a massive 3 day break after my last paper. 3 days.

Everyone gets 3 months to laze, 90 odd days worth and I get 3 puny days to settle all affairs and then be dragged into a 8 to 530 lifestyle. And not as if I get a PC all to myself, and am online all the time, and get to do all the goddamn things I want, or sleep off or jerk off in the bathroom. Haiz.

That's 9 hours a day of finding some kinda entertainment for myself except cig breaks and teh tariks. Even the damn pool table missing at the mess now. 810 hours of finding some entertainment. 810 hours for which I will be paid handsomely but it is just such a stifling lifestyle. How I wish my boss suddenly wants to throw a huge ass retirement party. And then I get to go "scout" and "recce" and do all the travelling on company money. Damn!

The reason why my no pay leave request for that one week was rejected? Cos, just cos [reason too paiseh to broadcast]. I has now joined the lower ranks of the echelon. The ones whom no one actually could give a fuck to. Quite happy with that result though, except with requests like these. Oh well, at least it makes me smile that I'm a gonna collect 7 more days of pay which is quite a good amount by today's standards.

Somehow, it flashbacks to the folks who didnt pay their income tax and they get their Progress Package deducted from the amount outstanding. I didnt pay one of my "tax" too so I get free time deducted. Non-paid leave summore. I mean if you wanna take it out on me, might as well pay me while you're at it right. Dumb fucks.


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