Random Thoughts

Random thoughts of the morning. Forgive me, I have many trains of thoughts, seldom do they stop at a station.

1. Lee Hsien Loong apparently is at my house wet market. I would have gone if I not so lazy. Summore I had was wearing some tattered AJC P.E. T-shirt with a coupla holes and he might not have taken my views seriously. Oh wait, I would have to fight my way through his grassroots battalion, a few of whom really deserve to be slapped. If you are the lackey, then behave like one. Just cos you stand with the PM don't make you the PM.

2. Gomez deserves a break. The man is a blur fuck. Period. He suffered from the "I really really thought I did it ma" syndrome. Happens to all of us. Especially when we forget to inform gfrens about our impeding drunken night out. Or explaining that chick who decided to nibble the other end of the straw I hang loosely from my mouth. Summore, he apologized for being a blur fuck. Though of course you gotta word your apology properly without defamation nor malice nor coming off as looking like a twit. So Wong Kan Seng, as a friggin Minister, should not make this small issue such a big rally point. It's just not right. We can't hate all blur fucks. Damn, that would mean my class size would always be under ten.

3. Chemistry is damn fuckin irritating. 6 tutorials of Organic and 6 tutorials of Inorganic. Stand in NTU is, as long you took all the quizzes. Just whack 50% of the paper and hope the year ones are as stupid as you. Worked for some, never for me. FUCK U YEAR ONES! Stop this mudderfuckin mugging la. Also, I don't see why I gotta pass it cos it don't matter to me. When I need to build a building, I'll call a chemist to analyze the soil. I aint gotta know bout free electrons. Common engineering my ass.

4. Late addition, it was Balaji who was at the market. The whole GRC team except Inderjit and LHL. And he shook my youngest brother's hand and gave him some pro-PAP pamphlet. Right, cuddle the small ones. People at home waiting for my mee kia to arrive, now only I realize some middle aged MP been wasting his time.

I just want to point out that the upgrading of schools is a ministry wide effort and not what UR MP did for you in the constituency. You mean the Education Minister actually asked ppl meh "Eh Bala, your area want or don't want?". Bruff peeper.
Good job with the market though, its much better now. And what about the sporting facilities. Just changing the netting of the hoops at the bball courts and STILL NOT SWITCHING ON MY STREET SOCCER LIGHTS aint gonna cut it with us no more bubba.
I have my issues with this guy and I'm gonna keep this pamphlet forever and ever and throw it back into their faces if my next bursary application falls through. I is poor after all.

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