Sunday Soiree

And so it is, just like you said it would be. Life goes easy on me. Some of the time.

I is on MC today. Cannot function. So tired. All Chittu's fault! Hahaha. Ok, I take it back. My fault my fault.

Anyhow, congrats dear, the first friend of mine who's dating a professional footballer. Hemsem summore. Oh well, when two equally bored people get together, one on Off tmrw and one with work but the boss is on holiday, you can be assured crazy ideas get thrown into the air. Yesterday, after a can of beer and Jim Beam each, eh sorry yours was the Breezer, after I thrashed her countlessly in Uno Dai Dee, we is cabbed down to CM for a Sunday soiree. All I did was walk past the coffeeshop where my dad was seated enroute to the 7-11 with her when my mum called later liao.

Mum: "Ah, where are you"
Me: "With a friend la, here only AMK"
Mum: "Your friend is a girl la, Appa saw what"
Me: "I saw him also what, I waved"
Mum: "Why never introduce?"
Me: "Not my gfren, now put down the phone, when I got gfren then I bring home"

At first, the idea was just to chill, not see ANYONE we know or knows us and gulp some good liquor with the music blasting on the boom box. Alas, we walked into.... GAY NIGHT. Hahaha. I am not homophobic so I really had fun. Chittu thought the gay men hated her cos since she around they couldn't hit on me. And there even was a 3 part drag show. Solid performances. Professionalism is so rife in the gay community. We have the vid too, I'll upload it later.

I just played my pool winning 3 gay men, 1 mat, the DJ [this was a solid 6 ball comeback, mind you, it's games like this I need a medal for]. And we left. Oh, we made a new friend too. A Nepalese chick called Suseela. I knew she wasn't from here the minute I spotted the non-threading of her moustache. Androgyny doesn't rule in my circles. Women should be as women be. Pretty pretty all.

After I dropped off, I went to my fav mee kia stall for some piping hot bak chor mee. But kanina, my auntie kena sacked. Both of them. I wonder why. The cheebai fella who is the replacement still can tell me with a cheeky grin that they both take "long holiday". KNNBCCB. Who will make my personal order of $4 bak chor mee, mee kia, chilli many many, hold the meatballs? And this fella also don't believe in credit terms. I.e. Eat now, pay tmrw. Of course la, I don't carry 4 dollars everywhere I go right. Even if I have 10 on me, it's to plan for the next pack of fags I gotta buy. Sheesh. A slight exchange of words with the bozo. I had to activate the neighbouring carrot cake uncle to vouch for me. And I got my mee kia. Just cos he pissed me off, I is gonna pay 1 week later, not tomorrow.


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nAl said...

Yes, there are non-professional, absolutely amateur gay performers. And they were all at bloody Zouk on Sunday.

Damn, should have gone to CM with you.