Voting Day


So, I cast my vote. At 6 pm. I just knew I'd be too smashed to do it in the morning. One gentle reminder. Your vote is secret. You don't have to publicize who you crossed the box for. Just a gentle reminder. We all know when the time comes to cross, it don't matter how many people you attract at your rallies. People do what's best for themselves, at least what they think is best. PAP winning by 66% in Ang Mo Kio is more than proof enough. Of course, if you wanna be a big cheebai you should come across the first RC member you see, engage in small talk, comment on how its your first time voting and go "Worker Party!" together with flashing the "west side" sign. I always knew Snoop Dogg was on to something with that.

Hip Hip Hooray for Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Kiang! The helmsters of the respective opposition parties. You've held your ground and won by a BIGGER margin than the last elections. For that, the people of Potong Pasir and Hougang MUST be held in high regard. To forsake 80 million dollars for lifts and parks and shelters and what not. Oh well, we should only build on this. Show the people that in these next 5 years, life doesn't deteriorate and is in fact getting better. Show Singapore, you can run a town council and be understanding to ur residents' complaints and queries.

My suggestion is ultimately to close down the lesser parties. They do not stand out enough, don't look organized enough and just don't look kilat. We should have just PAP vs. WP. Everyone under one 'shirt' if you will. Then got enough candidates to spread around and contest EVERY GRC/SMC. Just cos a GRC wasn't contested doesn't mean the people there are totally pro PAP. And please take down the idiotic placards stating "Thanks for your support. Returned unopposed" in all the walkover wards. It's fuckin lame. And it don't mean you won bozos.

A cab driver was telling me bout Thailand the democracy there. It seems there is no such thing as a walkover. Even if there is only 1 contestant in the ward, people still go in to vote. This time its a basic YES or NO vote. If the fella doesn't get a certain percentage of YES votes, he also don't get to go Parliament. The entire process is then restarted to find another candidate.

Now, this is democracy. This is the procedure in even my Hall committee last time. Even if got only 1 fella who standing for lets say Sports Secretary, he still gotta get 66% of the votes to go through.

Alas, we is saddled with people who just join politics at the tender age of 30, not even married yet [how will they understand the woes of the common man, with debts and family and a job to think of] and can miraculously go through their entire poltiicking career without even a single election contest. What good lives we lead.

And what sickens me to the fucking core is this whole idea of minority representation. In theory it looks good. In practicum, get a life. If my powers of deduction are not too bad, the idea of minority representation is for someone to speak up for the respective ethnic groups. To speak their language, converse with the elderly, especially those who don't know English. And here we have Vivien giving a fucking pathetic "Ungal aatharavuku mikka nandri" speech that is as callous to the ears as someone doing a bad Michael Jackson imitation. Indranee Rajah? She says "my aim after winning this election is to learn some Tamil". Dude! This is not right. Do we all remember Thanabalan? Who couldn't speak a word of Tamil too? This is one area I think the gahmen really needs to buck the fuck up.

And what is with all these middle aged people and dressing up to go and vote. Voting, or the act of drawing a cross nicely takes a maximum of 5 seconds. This is not counting the time queueing and all la. But of course, if you vote at 6pm, mana ada queue? Breeze in breeze out.

My mum asked me to comb hair la, not wear shorts la, don't take handphone go la. All these nonsense just to draw a cross? And people DO dress up. And make it like a family outing summore. I don't get it. Voting is a solemn event. Don't garnish it like as if you turning up for a wedding man. Leave the frillies. Just go do what you have to do. Doinks!


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