Holla if you hear me

nAl said...

"One who swears is someone who goes "Fuck!". One who is a walking profanity, IS a fuck. "

This is possibly the best quotable quote I have read in this blog yet!! Keep up the good life, Shanker..lets piss the holier than thou pricks of the world as much as we possible can!

Aight. I is happy when I get rave comments from you folks. So keep it pouring, bad or good. Actually, I don't ever post comments back, but then again, taking another swipe is oh-so-unmissable. Especially when I know you do read me sweetie. Don't be a batti girl.

The gems that drop by my email sometimes:

Extreme right girl, just remained that way..frozen in that expression. 3 days after I went to piss. Damn. Sorry sweetheart. Was born with it.

See, now I know what line to use immediately after "Actually I'm an officer..."

Work is such a bitch. As usual as i predicted. Took me 9 hours of entertainment finding today. I read copies of The New Paper all the way till early March. Amazingly, I didn't even visit Aruna's cubicle to sit down and disturb her even once. Just stood beyond the partition, a safe distance to make it some intra-colleague hi-bye, lest the BITCH be watching and goes a smooching her big boss's butt and complains bout that dear girl again.

For the initial episode on THE BITCH WARS. Click here.

The BITCH actually dared smile at me summore today as we passed in the corridor. On the other hand, I've got Rene, Edison, Kenneth [undergoing operation], Sherwin and Kenny to suffice with for good company. As expected, me boss is "this" close to adopting me as his godson. He trusts me over his damn spellchecker and thesaurus for gods sake. I is ruler of the office. Again. =)

Another 3 months of this recurring Groundhog Day? A bewildering thought. But it must be done. Except for 5 beautifully placed days of annual leave and a coupla more MCs. MCs are the forefront of office politics. Place them well, and you will never have a bad day at all.

I repeat, I is not of bad work ethic. I just cannot be in a place where there is abso-fucking-luting-zero to do each day. Or work to be done and no computer in sight. My 2 main peeves when I go back for attachments. Oh well, wake me up when August ends.


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