Q n A II

Q: What does a middle aged Indian dad do the moment he walks out of hospital where he was warded for the past 2 days?

A: Go for a haircut and shave claiming the hospital stay made him look like hell.

Q: Is there any place in Singapore I can go to, with a woman or without, where I won't see anyone I know, or anyone who knows me or of me?

A: Yes. The Southern Islands [which used to be a constituency all by itself in the old days], The Northern Islands, and the tip of Tuas Hockey Stick right at the edge of the Live Firing Area. Next time my friends, SMS me saying you had a sighting. Don't scream in the middle of the heartlands, the Ah Bengs will get stressed.

Q: Will learning self defence arts like Muay Thai make you a better fighter? Or braver?

A: Yes, it should, i think, even if it don't..hey at least you got some cool shorts out of it all. But they call it self defence for a reason. Don't make the first move. Booya!

Q: Will blondes ever cease to exist?

A: Will idiots ever cease to exist?

Q: Hips lie or hips don't lie?

A: Kinda depends on the 'spare tire' you're lugging around aint it?

Q: Have you had your own irritations with the ubiquitous Sun TV on CH 29 with regards to family relations?

A: Satisfy your grouses in language that is much better than yours HERE. IF you think you can do a much better job. Fuggedabouddit. "Moving slower than a millipede with menses" is by far the best new age idiom I've ever seen. Watch out for Part Two in a bit.


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