Bianca says: "Next time...Shut the Fuck up!"

Rightfully said. All I did was twist my butt to get another non-numbing position on my piano bench [yes, I used to own a piano, till I sold it but kept the chair, cos these chairs have hidden compartments under the seats to hide stuff], and tap tap my brother's computer [cos, my GeForce MMX graphics card's fan happened to just about stop working preventing my own comp from being switched on at the very least], and exclaim out loud "Wah, so shiok, no problems for the rest of the night"

That was it. The world started to crumble. 2 smses enough to make me choke on my Milo. Yes, my mum's 3 in 1 coffeemix was lazily not mixed. *grumble grumble* Had a VERY VERY interesting and revealing MSN convo, which had to be followed up with phonecalls to a dear friend. My mum then showed me certain unpaid bills where they were planning to sue already. That can wait. Then a slight quarrel with another esteemed female. Gosh! How I wish my mouth never open.

Thank god I had this nice new Reader's Digest Condensed Book to read. By the way I own like 40 over of these 4 condensed stories in one hardbound edition books, and I bought them at like 50 a pop. All stories made the NY Bestsellers List and I do keep them in good condition except a a coupla folded corners. I is so not a bookmark fella. If you want to take them off my hands, gimme a shout.

Still down with fever. Damn the virus. My dad is stricken with something too. Of course, no one in this house says anything to anyone else. My mum is the keeper of all news and secrets and gossip. Warded for observation now, my old man. I gotta go down and see whats the happening and scold some doctors and nurses [this is a family tradition].

And now, the fuckin NTU says I got no hostel room. KNNBCCB.

Extracted text from "oh-so-sorry" email:

I refer to your application for admission into the Hall of Residence in the academic year 2006/07 and regret to inform you that you are unsuccessful.The General Cut-off points (GCP) is: male GCP is 87.1 and female GCP is 66.

Urmz, do you have any idea how fuckin hard it is to earn 87 points!!!!! That's like tantamount to spending your 8 to 5 days doing your fuckin ECAs and doing your studies part time. OR you could always suck off your Hall President to get priority points.

And then, I see:

2. Look for off-campus accommodation options which are nearby to
the campus:(i)EM Services Pte Ltd offers furnished single or twin-sharing rooms in nearby HDB 5-rooms/executive flats. Rates ranges from S$150 to $$220 per person for a twin-sharing room and S$300 - S$480 for a single room.

You notice there was a (i) and never a (ii) to be seen. But the exact same price of a hostel room for a twin sharing 5 room flat. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds too good to be true? Like some email scams I know. Oh well, sit tight lor.

Anyone wanna take room with me?


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Anonymous said...

i dont think its a deal tts too good to be true. you would be sharing the room with one other person, and the house with atleast 4-8 other people. of course tt depends on whether they are renting all 5 rooms as twin sharing. now, would you really wanna live with tt many people?