Random Thoughts

Randomly, I realized that one should never bother with understanding the psyche of women. Impossible. Too random liao. Too diversified. It's like tryin to be a trader and plowing your money in both water bottles and elephants at the same time.

Oh by the way, the price of gold rose. Again. That old adage "old people are wise people" comes to mind. So, since Indians hoard gold like they hoard rice, how come they aint the kings of the world. With the exception of Lakshmi Mittal I suppose. He is now mounting a hostile bid for his next biggest rival and his credo is "consolidation can only be good for the industry". Oh, back to gold. Rose $200++ an ounce over just 12 months. That's better than Google's stock man.

You know Muslim prayer timings. Yeah, and they sound out the prayer call 5 times a day. And the entire Middle East at least resounds with a massive din at all 5 times. Well, Egypt is sick and tired of the non-synchronous calling. Cos, it sounds funny. So, all mosques in Egypt are soon to undergo a synchronized loudspeaker system to sound out the calls throughout the country. Singapore should get something like that, for all the fuckin primary and secondary schools that gotta sing national anthem. KNN. All beside each other only but start minutes apart. Just like some people who sing in church. Do they even know they're out of tune or out of step with the music? This is too much for 1 para. Muslims and Christians. Damn.

Thailand is still a wild ass ride at the rodeo. So, only attempt a trip if you are Hindu. Better still, make your own pilgrimage. Botak yourself and be a monk. If ya gonna learn to beg incase you got retrenched or are broke, might as well do it in a foreign country. Don't use sms or MSN and do it in Singapore. Paiseh ah.

I badly need a new phone. The old one, keypad is friggin not even peeling off or wearing off but dropping off. Like a bunch of houseflies after a Baygon storm. Sad. Also, can I get a nice handphone cover to go with it. I is wanna be cool liao. No more put no table, get wet by moisture dripping from my stout glass. No more, flinging on the floor to crack to pieces after some emo fight with significant other. No more, first weapon on hand in a bar brawl. And definitely no more, using it as a good tool to thump in things. You know..like staples that stick out, nails that don't go in. Well, my metallic 6170 tackles all these problems with ease.

Overheard last month:

Best friend: Eh, my phone spoil man.
Girl: Is it, that's sad. Get a new one ah.

2 days later

Best friend: Eh, your phone very old right.
Girl: YEah
Best friend: Aww, wanna buy mine?


My room has this faint alcohol smell now. My mum claims it is from my drinking and sleeping. I asked her what would she rather me do after drinking, go for a 5 km run? Thus, air freshener is high on my list. Either that, or I gotta find that leaky bottle that is eminating the smell and finish it off so there can be no more eminations. *swig*

My mummy help me book eye appointment again. This after missing it 3 times. Ok, I know miss things out of laziness a lot, but this was pure brilliance. Cos, if I see a specialist during the semester time, my bill isnt paid for by the gahmen coffers. After Tuesday, yippe! Open heart surgery also neh mind. I no pay. So, now the doctor will try convince me that I am going to go blind. To which I'll say. Splendid. Let me review my contract and see if there's anyway I can sue the organization which trained me to stare at a radar screen for hours at a go. Also, my back very pain. But this one I think I know why. too many years using a squatting toilet liao. KNN.

My brother's MSN nick is : "I am not going to tell you that my brother is going to vote WP". Well done my child. This was the exchange that prompted that.

Him: anneh, who you gonna vote for in the election?

ME: cannot tell you la, this one all personal.

Him: wah lau eh, all of you say the same thing. Why can't tell me. I'm part of your family you know! amma also don't wanna tell me.

Me: Haiya. Why you wanna know? Who you gonna tell?

Him: No one la. Just, I want to know. Tell me! Tell me!

Me: Should be WP cos I hate that B***ji!

Him: But I hate that Gomez. I don't like you already. Vote PAP la! My teacher said PAP is damn good.

Me: Your teacher shouldn't be influencing young kids with his nonsense.

Him: Ya, he also said how come WP got ITE student and taxi driver all. Cannot like that. Go for election means must study overseas, be big lawyer doctor all.

Me: But ITE student is poor like us. They'll know our problems better. Ministers earn 1 million a year you know.

Him: Don't bluff! I also want to be Minister.

Me: Can, can. But you a bit the stupid la. Unlike me.

Him: *stomps off*

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