Stay in Friday

To think I was all ready to switch on my movie where vin Diesel has hair, "Find Me Guilty" and snuggle into bed so I can get up bright and early to set off to where the sun shines like a bitch ass hoe on smack. Something was niggling my mind la....then it hit me. I haven't blogged for the day. What a routine this page on the vast world wide web has become.

Anyhow, it was a quiet day in the office. Good mood all around. Rained twice summore. Exercise over, no more 6 am days, but sadly no more 3 pm departures from work too. My heartfelt thanks to Edison who covered for me on Thurs when I left at 12 instead of the usual 3 cos I had lots to gossip bout to a mate who lives just outside camp. And to think, on top of covering for me as a 3SG in a meeting full of colonels and majors and captains and such, the meeting dragged till 9 pm.

He was fuckin furious at 4pm when he realized this possibility but the sweet soul that he is, all he said was "neh..u owe me big time ah for this". Thankfully, the other majors took pity on poor old NSF him and asked him to scoot on home at 5. Thus, I ended up owing him medium-time only which loosely translated to one chicken chop ta pau for today's lunch. Ah, the sweet smell of debt collection.

Also, it was the time for apologies and repentance. An apology came to me and I duly despatched one off to another mate who has since had a bad impression about something he thought I was doing but in fact I actually forgot. I tell you, my memory is soo bad, entire years of my childhood are now all fuzzy. Let alone last year happenings. So, yet again, happy that the air is cleared. Isn't it such a bitch when you smile outwardly and hate inwardly. So don't. If you have an issue, bring it up. As long you are in the right, who gives a fuck how the fella gonna react? And if you are in the wrong, bring it up anyway and be ready to go down on your knees to show how sincere you are. Most people aint inhumane enough to LET you go down to that level, they'd stop you before that, moved by your sincerity.

Only something disturbed me. That one of those mates actually thought I'd go ballistic and what not, over a woman. I mean seriously. I aint married my friend. And being single has its privileges, for men AND women. So, yeah technically, if you is single, all hell can break loose and no one can blame ya. Alas, I just lost interest in that subject along the way. Didn't find something that I needed out of there. The only thing I was so irritated about was, the man needs to decide too if the woman suits his needs not only the woman doing this whole decision bullshit.

Superficiality I agree with me. I only focus on the beautiful ones. So, that's 90% of the population down the drain. The remainder 10% I still gotta strain through and see who I need and who I can do without what. Since, I'm gunning for like just 2-3% of the female population in Singapore, trust me I have more practise walking away than you do.

So, yeah. To the actual point in hand. If you is a friend of mine, or regard yourself as one. Any issues with me. Clear it, quick. Don't mull over it, don't put it to a few more punk assess to debate over it. Just pick up the phone, call me and go "Eh shanker..u ccb..why u do this ah? Explain now." And then listen. Happy? Proceed. Not happy? Proceed also.

The P-man struck today again. For part 1 of his antics, click here.
Today the P-man got on my nerves so much, I just "pulled" rank for the first time in my life on a fellow colleague. Told him, I'll take over the organizing of the upcoming event for now, and all YOU need to do is take instructions and carry them out well. To his nonsensical blabbering after that, I went uh-huh uh-huh but I the boss now. You not happy? I'll tell boss I the boss of this. So you want to work under me? OR you wanna do your own thing?

The P-man relented, said okok that's a good idea. Burden off his chest bullshit. And gave me a lift home. That is a given la. That's why I havent do major fucking up yet. KNN!!!! AAAAAAARGH! Why I never believe Edison when he told me! WHY! WHY! WHY!

Oh Tuhan!


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