Round up

So, the week ended. Ended with a bang perhaps?

1. Saturday

Out again, drinking drinking. Where else but boat quay. This time, the art of keeping yourself cool.

CM has opened. At MS. It's time to MM and then onto ST. Some folks want me to remember, remmeber that what not date and what not time. So I can buy 4d? I repeat, you reap what you sow. I spoke to a close friend about the event and she told me I had anger management issues. That a normal person shouldn't hold a grudge for a whole year or part thereof. I say I've been fuckin patient.

Patient with the needless eye contact, the smirks, the fuckin disrespect, the gossiping, the saying my name as I pass. Do I look like your court jester? Do you not know your place? Do you think I'm your age? Do you think I can't hold my drinks like you and then feign drunkeness when I do wrong?

I'll tell you something else. I am pretty direct. I wait, I wait, I wait then I action. Don't gimme this tagging bullshit. This snickering, this bitching. I can only be responsible for myself. That's just the way it is. In MS. You remember that. Remember, remember. CM is not YOUR joint.

3 years, 3 years straight we populate a joint, give it our business, know it inside out. Drink by the bottles, not by the freeflow tags. Know the ground, tilled the land. Remember, remember. Please. I'm really worn out by holding a grudge.

2. Sunday

Perhaps, I got cursed too much, by someone clueless about what the fuck just happened. Thus, TTSH A&E had the opportunity to meet me early in the morning with a broken nose, fractured thumb and a dislocated right shoulder.

Yes, yes, yes. The dreams I know. But, I don't believe. It's just meant to be. You mean if I stayed home I couldn't have had a tremendous fall? Or stuck my wet finger into the electrical socket?

3. Monday

6 am I go work. 8 am I walk out. This is life. Edison got me this damn nice shirt ah. From HK. Cost him only SGD 7. Sumsort with the words 'You win some, you lose some". So apt. The signs of God. Not that one. The real one. With 2 eyes.

Oh yeah, went to see the eye specialist. They sent me from room to room and realized I wasn't suffering from Glaucoma. And for this great technical expertise, I paid 66 dollars. Haiz. Met Kiran. Love this boy. Was there with his grandma. Everytime I see him, he's doing something responsible and good natured. Thanks for the lift mate. And good luck with your NUS pricks.

But, he did tell me something interesting though. The exchange of, "so..I heard this about you" ... "did this happen to you recently". And after each story was shot down. He finally started getting it. People love to tell stories. And we love to hear them. Keep them up. I still haven't grown tired of that one bout my 4 year old son running around without a daddy. Work on it a bit more la. Bluff also need effort then believable right.

For once, I is gonna watch some Channel 5 instead. Old re-runs of Moulmein High.


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