Some snippets from around the blogosphere. Taken from links found at http://www.myapplemenu.com/singapore. Wonder why I get flagged up there, twice liao. Oh well, as long the shit I write is not considered a persistent political view supporting any one side. If you support all of them you still can kena, best is condemn all. Booya!

Old Man Lee and his most infamous quotes: Singabloodypore link.
[Damn, he makes Hitler look tame]

Lim Boon Heng's boo boo: Contraband Karma link.
[I told you..don't let them speak too much. People in power too long often forget they are working for the common man. Instead it seems the common man now has to "cross" the right box just to get a job]

How to get the PAP to fix your leaking roof: Inspired Geek link.
[Hahaha, fuckin like a scene out of Tamil movie. Fix my roof, I give you my vote]

The pictorial evidence of our rallys: Musings of a small Fry link.
[These the kind of pictures that collectors item posters are made of]

A Singaporean journalist has the scoop on James Gomez: Four9er link.

An alternative view on James Gomez, is he really the liar portrayed to be: Penguins Perfect link.


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