Flagrant Friday

Quick! Try this! Go to any part of your computer. I mean, within "My Computer". Any folder, any drive. And try and create a new folder called "con". Impossible! Some Indian with too much time on his hands, happened to find it out and flag it up to Bill Gates and team. Microsoft, still hasn't found an explanation on why this is so.

Anyhow, Friday was a slow day. Too slow for my liking. It seems nothing ever goes to plan. Which is good. I took leave and slept in. My boss don't let me clear off the very next day. Preferring to go with the cliched "sometime next week" la. I wanted to go to the Zoo in the morning. Oh wait, now I remember, I WAS out drinking. Haha. Ah Meng jogged my memory la. Yeah, but it rained. First in Ang Mo Kio, then in Hougang, then forever in Sembawang. So, since the journey was gonna be pelted with acidic raindrops. We decided to sleep in. Which was good enough, I was still a bit groggy and would have been squinting and cursing the sun the whole day. And Ah Meng would have had much difficulty peeling my banana.

That's the thing bout men though, funny enough. When they drink, they can't keep it up for long, and take forever to cum. But that's when they are at their horniest. It's like after beer, the word sex gets imbibed with the bubbles and remains in your synapses, tugging at your boxers. Of course, if you have a woman who likes it slow, and long drawn and practically lasting hours. Drink more! If not, just shut the fuck up after you drink cos you really don't need the embarassment of not being able to keep it up.

And I met Nalinee and friend, and Praba and Naga [later on] at night. Twas a night out at Gold Dust. And it was good. See, Nal has a certain fascination and respect for Kumar the artiste, [Kumar the man, I don't want to comment]. But yeah, so since it was within my power, and he does his stand up at his own club. We all went there lor. I hope it was as enjoyable as was said to me. And Nal, so sporting! Haha. Especially the part where 5 girls had to spell another guy's name, with their butt. Youse was the best one! Yippe! I tried recording part of the show with my voice recorder cos videos were expressly banned. But, the quality turned out quite bad. So, yeah, it got deleted.

After Gold Dust, what else would I do but trudge down to CM. Such a slow night it was. If not for the big screen soccer, I think I'd have packed up and left early on. And that's that. A night that was only happening from 9pm to 1 am.

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