Forza Italia

Is it that Edison buy Totti to score at any time for 17 fucking dollars odds?
Is it that I want to show everyone how it is the star of the punters plays his money?

I have since given up chasing the fool's dream of being a professional gambler like Clement advised me to. It is too costly on the people around me. Don't get addicted. Your girlfriend feels a lot of pain, especially when you snooze on a 10K debt and she's up wondering what the fuck she's doing with such a maniac.

Do note that there is not a single bet above ten dollars. This is to show pure skill and not monetary gain.

These were the ones already settled when I posted this. These are the ones yet to be settled:

Total amount wagered: $86
Total number of bets: 18
Total amount won back: $153.94
Total profit: $67.94
Win Rate: Approx. 80%

Now, aint that good rates or what. Bow down to the Prince of Punting.

Ah, the sweet sorrow of gambling.

Rita! Get better. Morning morning wake up and smell some rich coffee. It helps. After that douse yourself with Axe Oil. *Hugs*

Today WILL be a better day. Cos, I said so. I hope so. Fingers crossed. Thank god Edison is back to the office. I've missed the bloke.

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