WC: England Ecuador

This is my new intiative. I'm going to dish out my own WC predictions. Cos, I feel like it. After 10 odds years of punting on soccer and losing 10s of thousands on that damn ball game and also having 10 thousand friends tell me about the perils of gambling, I think I should have enough to go on about this game.

If you follow my predictions, good. If you follow and win, my account number is awaiting my share. If you follow and lose, what kinda fool are you anyway? Not like I'm Sepp Blatter of part of some Hong Kong matchfixing triad right?

Tonight: England vs. Ecuador
Ball odds: England -1


Eat ball! Win all! Eat England's balls. Crouch don't have any left to but at least Gerrard's ones are robust enough. Don't try Terry's, they're Vinnie Jones like. Pure hard 20 years old cured horse hide.

Also buy Gerrard to score. This is a good bet seeing how he manages to sneak one in and its usually the second goal near the end. So, buy "1 goal to be scored after 80 minutes" also. Buy total goals to be OVER also. The benchmark is 2.5. Ecuador is a highly attacking team so they oughta score, if they don't then England hopefully will take them from behind, catch them unawares in their counterattack.

Max bet on this game: $500. Don't bust the bank just yet. It's a slow game.

Predictor's success: Last night was good. Eat Argentina ball and buy draw. Earned on foolish bum placing on Sweden too.


Late Addition: Match is over. If you had bought all I told you too. You would have lost. Which is why we have something called half time betting and bet in play. Thus, I still made my bundle. By pouring all I had into 1 goal. God I love myself. The odds were a little over 4 dollars I believe.

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