Rape Me

My problems have been solved. Over a coke and coke. Yes, that's a double shot of coke. Drink it neat, on the rocks, in a rock glass, in a champagne flute. Coke is coke.

To all who offered their help. I thank you. It's nice to see I'm worth the time and the thoughts. To all who are still clueless, you are clueless cos I know you'd never have a clue about what I need anyway. So stay that way. If I need to know about the best cuticle lotion to use, I might give you a shout sometime.

Last night was quite interesting in the very least. Suru turned up at my place, hence I had to rush through the pre-club dressing up. Actually is nothing much la. I wore me a nice short sleeve shirt, but still it didnt meet his approval. He did ask the million dollar question though. Make that two.
"Why is it that when you have money you spend it on beer and not clothes?" and
"What ARE your priorities now?".

I doubt he believed any of my answers, but yeah, I said it as it is. I'm not in need of retail therapy and I hope tomorrow's meet with the brothers goes well and ends well. My multi million dollar dream might just materialize, or it might land me in bankruptcy. Either way I'm a gonna wake up and come up with another multi million dollar idea. Ideas are free and abundant in my delusional world. A stapler cum nail clipper anyone?

Either way, Suru went from "Actually I'm fine with coke the whole night" to whackin a coupla glasses of jim beam under coke from dear Shawn's bottle. And then the night went on overdrive haywire. Ravi kept calling like a mad fuckin canine about soccer odds. Well, the more desperate you are to bet, the more I'm gonna help you lose it. And so he lost. How many times does a single phone call net you 100 bucks. That's like 2 weeks allowance for some of my poor stifled friends.

And then my lovable RT turned up with Manjen in tow. Fuck the counter bastard I say. KNNBCCB. Think I who. Ask me cover all. But anyhow, my word is my word. And thus they went in. And I hope they both had a good time. As the tainted lover, I managed to plump a nice juicy one on her cheek. Obi good. Next time be more alert, when people give you jug to drink, don't let them hold the base and "help" you tilt it. Booya! I knew EXACTLY what I was doing.

Suru left after the match. It was a good match. No one knew WHOM I had money on. Truth is. No one. I just like having a serious look and shouting "Cheebai", "Penalty", "Foul", "Motherfucker Germany" just to piss off the entire rest of the club who had bought 3-0, 4-0 scorelines. Like my good friend Sofian. Ah, yes, was good seeing him too. If there's one Malay guy I know who could pull it off in Bollywood, it's him. The days were those when he and me played the field together.

Off to Bedroom Bar in a pretty rush job. 15 people, 1 van. Jas and Sop were gone by then. Spewing nonsense. Nonsense in Malay. So, it really doesn't bother me. I just look at them like they are some Uzbekistan tourist lost in Singapore with that sarcastic sneer. It was drizzling by then too. Actually I think it drizzled the whole night long. Very irritating to constantly wipe my spectacles. I hate spectacles, but I also can't wear contacts. No discipline. No big news right. Me and my discipline issues.

As usual, since I was a nice boy, I was "attempting" to keep an eye out for a friend of a friend. Till I got chided. And warned not to. And yeah, what can a man do. Notti 9 was ok-ok la. I played pool. I took over this one guy's turn and showed him the ways of the game. Later he played me and I lost. Gee whiz. Hahaha. But there are ways to lose such that you can always blame it on "the ball is round", "the stick is senget", and "the cloth no good, never maintain ah".

Supper at Shah Alam. An oddity in itself. For the first time, the Nasi Goreng and Mee Goreng arrived faster than the prata. Imagine that? There was also too much prata to go around. Yes, it seems freebies are attracted to the groups I'm with. Freeloading is bad. Pay for your drinks. It goes a long way in others' eyes. And please, if you aint the owner of the bottle. Don't hog it like you own it. Goes a long way too when people choose what to remember you by. Also, when people want to feed you [we call it brotherly love in some parts of Singapore], don't refuse. It's not nice. Especially when fuckin 40+ yr old men can get that soggy prata from my fingers, don't rub your tummy, claim you're gonna puke, say you're full. Look to your gfren. KNN. It's food geddamit. Am I givin you white powder to snort or what?

Interesting sibling love moment I guess. I saw Han and Aishah kinda roaming around at 7 in the morning trying to go up to Jepun's place to sleep. Jepun smartly locked the fuckin front door knowing about the early morning stragglers who wanna catch a few winks and then head off by train back home. I gave them the remaining cash I had and told them to get a cab. Too nice. I am. I had just finished talkin to him and walking him off when I turned and saw my cousin hot on my heels. Secret fantasy of mine I guess. I love people who worry enough to care. Or is it care enough to worry. Either way works. At least, you know at any given time and place, you're not the only one watching your back. No one has eyes at the back of their head nah?

This is what I don't get. No matter how much money you throw in one night gettin your drinks, you surely gotta have one ten dollar note squirrelled away to cover your cab home right. Even if someone says they'll send you back, you still need that assurance right. Especially the young girls. Please don't rely on others for all your transportation needs. You need the power to just cut loose, flag a blue one and hurry home. Don't be at the mercy of a driver or a rider.

Sleep. Wake up. Neck sprain. Cant bend in any direction. I think someone has been cursing me many many. Good. I'm happy. Get your violent reactions out. Hold on to thy manxome sword. Let rip your rage. React like you've never got pissed before. Show me whatcha have. After all, I AM the selfish prick who's dumb enough to do what I do. *Grin*Sigh*Head in hands*

Rape me, my friend
Rape me, again
I'm not the only one.

Hate me
Do it again
Waste me
I'm not the only one.

My favourite inside source
I'll kiss your open sores
Appreciate your concern
You'll always stink and burn

Rape me!

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