Pay Night

It's pay night. I've been waiting for this for a month. Yes, a month. No, I am not such a chronic spender nor do I have an incurable gambling addiction. It's just that I didnt get paid last month. Now, I got double pay, with double the deductions. Damn CPF. I hate CPF deductions. They make the difference between your gross and net look like the price tag to a PSP you could have owned.

But, even if I ever forgot my pay day... [It's called pay night now, cos it comes in at the stroke of midnight or before, depending on the bank servers and when they wanna clear their standing orders. ].. There are always the wonderful people who remind me of it. I got off the phone splendidly with one today:

Friend [sms]: Can lend me 30, I very tight now?
Me [picking up the phone and calling]: Eh, you sure you not missing one zero. 30 or 300?
Friend: 300 also can. Hahaha.
Me: Go fuck yourself, 30 already is big thing. So, when you gonna pay?
Friend: Urmz, actually I don't think I can return any time soon [read as: till the end of time]
Me: Uh huh, then do you own anything I would wanna have, in exchange for this 30 bucks?
Friend: Would you want a 3 day expired card to a 3/4 bottle of JD at Amaran?
Me: [substantial pause] Expired ah! Ok, hold on I call you back.

Pick up office phone. Call the relevant. Confirm the bottle is still alive and not absorbed into "staff bottle" strength and not readily already disbursed to hot nubile things.

Me: Set. Meet me at 730 at Geylang.
Friend: Geylang I can't go la. Got problem that area.
Me: Why you living? Go hang yourself la. Own country also cannot go here go there.
Friend: Urmz... 730 was it? See you there.

And so the day ended. Fitfully at 5 pm. I is happy. Fridays are love.


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