Temper Temper

Tempers flared today. And it was violent. As I am a now the exemplary D for Discipline boy, I was in office like at 730 liao. This is compared to my usual 830 stroll ins.

Some early morning smokes with Rene, who managed to register his absolute disgust at not wagering a big enough sum the night that passed. Apparently, now Rene dreams of soccer results. The last time he dreamt about a 4-4 soccer match. The scoreline came out in a Singapore Cup match. This time around he claims it was raining and then Ukraine won. Ukraine did win. But lan jiao it rained. He was adamant that instead of dreaming at night while it was too late, he should instead take an afternoon nap so he can dream up the night's results. We is all wishing him much luck in his cockanathan fantasies.

P-motherfucker, even though he got rapped for coming in late to work the last time, strolled in at 815. The nerve. The last time he got fucked, he put the blame on me, reminding me to make it earlier the next time. The nerve. Today he still came late. The nerve. Ok, before my nerves popped, cos if you insist you can teach me to scratch my back, you damn fuckin well be spotless clean yourself, I went for another smoke. Bad move.

Beep Beep. Ed smsed me "Can you come back here FAST!". I threw 3/4 of my stick away and dashed. Never been so active, I , before breakfast before. Went in to see this:

P: E, come here and sit down for the briefing.
E: No!
P: Come here now!
E: No! What you gonna do about it!
P: I said come here right, you better have some respect, I need to brief you about something important!
E: Eh, hello. I left 10 days here only. Just brief the new guy la, don't waste my fucking time!
P: [Rushing over to him] I'm telling you again right! You come there now and listen to my briefing!
E: Wah! You want to slap me izzit! Slap la slap!
P: You don't force me to proceed ah!
E: Proceed la! Proceed back home! No one wants you here! Don't come up with stupid things everyday! You're not even in the loop about anything you dare to brief things like as if you do all the work! Fuck you la!

ME: Come, lets go eat.
E: Yey!
Me: Wah, the Ukraine match was quite power packed ah. [and then breakfast flows while the mystery important briefing of the century went on]

You'd think this early morning episode of utter degrading disrespect was enough for the old fogey to simply hide under some corner of a table and cry like a whimpering child who lost his last token at the funfair. But no! My boss walks in like an hour later, and he talks a lot. My godpa talks. We all listen. Especially me. I listened a bit more intently, hoping there is some work for me to do. And yes, subliminally there was. Yippe!

P-man's fingers kept flying across the keyboard though. He looked hard at work. Till we realized what the fuck he was hard at work about. The same issue I asked him to just shut the fuck up and move on like an abusive ex-bfren, he raised again, this time in an email, adequately carbon copying my boss and my new incoming boss.

This was the fate of that email:

ME: Ah, KNN, nabei spend whole morning to type this bullshit. A lot of time ah that bastard. *Hit Delete*
Edi: Waste my time. *Hit Delete*
ML: Huh? What's that? Sir, don't delete lei lemme read first. [I proceed to hit delete and delete all deleted items too]
Boss: *Grunt*Hit Delete*
New Boss: "Urmz, P-man, actually what the fuck are you talking about. Since the first day I've walked into this organization, this is the way things are what. What has changed? Unless I am making wrong assumptions?"

Hahahaha. My new boss cracks me up la. Mainly cos he DIDN'T hit delete and bothered to be sarcastic about it. I'm sure me and him is gonna have a great July.

The day is still not done. Now, the P-man cannot stay in office without getting stared at till he's so uncomfortable he leaves. Explains why the D for Discipline, S for Soldier superhero worker managed to take lunch from 12 all the way till 3. Even I don't dare be that Champion ah! KNNBCCB. Of course, RAW is WAR now. Guess who alerted my boss to his non-presence? Damn. The next few days are gonna be real fun. I hope. The alliances are set. It's all against one. I just hope he doesn't get mentally unstable and do something stupid like shove a sharpened pencil into one of our ears. That would hurt. Many many.

RT's statement of the day: "Poobs has had his pubes ripped off one by one". Ouch!

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