Fucked Up

Haywire la. Everything has gone haywire. Why why why. Why do I meet such a foe? Someone too old for me to hit, someone too dumb for me to talk logic too, someone who doesn't understand the words flexibility, friendship, fuck off?

I wasn't at work on Thursday, and today and Wednesday. Call it a gentle rebellion if you will. You want official certification, I'll give it to you photostats and all motherfucker. Of course, when you attempt to pull a stunt, albeit as legal as this one, do try to have a good network of friends hanging around the office covering your ass.

As it seems, the P man went to bitch bout me. Not to the old boss mind you. But the new one. WTF right! He asks for some alone time, throws Edi and ML out of the office and proceeds to talk about my discipline or apparent lack of. See, this is all fine if I was in an early morning sleep drowsy state. As luck would have it, I was drowsy but not cos of too much sleep, rather due to lack of sleep. Once I got beeped of these proceedings, I just HAD to call office, and speak to the P-man. Speak isnt the word I'd use though. I believe it should be "fuck up". Yes, in no less than 3-4 languages, vulgarities sprinkled like mozzarella on a hot pan curry chicken. Also somewhere in there I had happened to voice "You just wait in office for me, I'm coming in now, you wait ah, don't go anywhere".

Would you guess what happened? P-man took 1/2 day leave and ran off. Ran off. This motherfucker who dares to bitch and complain and stab about an issue that apparently was none of his concern in the first place, runs off at the first sign of a confrontation. But before he ran off, he managed to call a few people who are mutual to me and him and try and rally support. These same few people called me later at night, asking me not to do anything drastic that this is in fact quite normal in his way of doing things. My only response, "then his way has to stop doesn't it?".

The oldies are now planning a big peace settlement table talk at some external non descript coffeeshop over prata and coffee on Monday. I think I shall go and state my stipulations.

1. If we wanna have a talk, you don't talk. Only I and the external parties do.
2. You and me, no more even my first name basis. You call me Sir, I'll call you Oi.
3. This is my one and final warning. You attempt to fuck me again. I'll fuck your first wife up. And I mean stranded upside down up. [Read: Good luck to your Kelisa mofo after I'm done with it]

On a another note, I happened to by coincidence take a cab with and club with a quite well known celebrity in Singapore recently. I'm sorry Nal, i didn't call, but it was 2 in the bloody morning =). Anyhow, it is then that I realized that strength doesn't really come with age nor the ability to have a rock hard heart. He was telling me what gets him riled up, about tongues wagging and shit and all. All I wondered was, you're looking to me for support? I'm 24 man. Who do I look to? Seriously, no one. It just became a way of life. Just brush it off, even though I quite enjoy it too. Gossip makes me famous.

It's been a long time since I walked up the steps to the Subordinate Courts. None of the times was because I had to be in attendance. This time around, I had managed to get in the wrong car. If I had got into that white Lancer and got into that blue Comfort, I think I'd have had an earlier night than usual. Alas, things never go the way I planned. And as expected, case postponed. KNN. God praise the Singapore legal system.

We should try the American way: You walk infront of a business establishment --> You slip and fall outside that establishment ---> You sue that establishment --> Now you own that establishment. A nation where stupidity pays. Comments paraphrased from a Drew Carey episode.

On the more serious note, it seems I had just begun to smell my first million dollars when the scent just wafted away. All cos of a dumb ass location. Haiz. Fucking patronizing class-conscious Singaporeans. Oh well, no time to beat around the bush still. I is HAS to get something done. And I don't care how I get it done by. If you believe you have even a small inkling of how to write a solid business plan, gimme a shout. I'll pay. Don't worry. I don't subscribe to free lunches either.



Goon said...

Dude you seem some anger issues. Also, I notice English is not your first language.

Take a deep breath and chill. Life is damn short, especially with all the nukes in the world.

Ugra Chandi said...

dude . .u can borrow this book from the library. its called 'successful business planning in 30 days' by peter j. patsula. damn good book on writing biz plans. njoy !

Ugra Chandi said...

dude . .u can borrow this book from the library. its called 'successful business planning in 30 days' by peter j. patsula. damn good book on writing biz plans. njoy !

ah_neh said...

Thanks man, I will do that.