A Plea

I met an old friend yesterday. He has been plagued with problems. Problems on top of problems. Like someone has it out for him real bad.

Bankruptcy, Divorce proceedings, Dad's leg got amputated, Mum's thali is in the pawn shop, House they live in is gonna get sealed cos of instalment default, No stable job now, No money flow. Lots of ideas, most of them get waylaid, hijacked or just cock up by themselves.

And I felt much pain. Not cos fate has dealt him a bad hand. But what the fuck were you doing with all this shit on your head and not telling me about it? His excuse was that I also had my own life, my school, my work, my social stuff. WTF man! What are friends for? Why do we call each other brothers? You watch my back, I watch yours only stands when one of us is not a declared bankrupt relying on 50 dollar loans?

I guess what I want to say is. The ones close to me know the kind of person I am. They know I'll stop at nothing as long as it is within my capabilities. If you are in dire straits, tell someone or me about it. Don't keep quiet. Don't keep it in, thinking that one day you will get to live over the rainbow. It's stuff like this that makes people jump off buildings and O.D. on sleeping pills.

And of all people, you know I won't judge you. Cos I've seen poor. I've seen it to its depths. I've lived poor. I know what you need. It's not fuckin sympathy, a shoulder to cry on, god is cruel, fate is unpredictable bullshit. You need the cold hard cash that comes along with a plate of piping hot mee goreng [btw..the one at Geylang Lor 6 is fantastic] and some beer.

Just gimme a call.

Thats what friends are for.


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