How to be a Cheebai?

ML: Eh, where are you ah?
Me: Chao cheebai, you think you who call me eh, eh, eh all. I owe you money ah? Now you put down the phone and call me back with the proper respect.
ML: [Calls again] Morning Sir, just want to check, where you at? Boss want to see you now.
Me: Smokin. Be there in 10. Bye.

Edison: You're in today! I missed you man. Haywire la yesterday.
Me: I told you to stop these gay tendencies right. I miss you la, I want to give you a hug la.
Edison: Cheebai.
Me: Is it you want me to snap a photo of you with my already illegal camera phone and upload on sgboy.com?
Edison: KNNBCCB.
Me: Wanna smoke not?

Boss: Orh orh orh. This one do like this la. This way looks nice what.
Me: Orh orh orh. That idea a bit dumb don't you think? Where have people walk up the left of the stage and go to the right one. We use right hand to eat ma. Everything must flow from right to left. Your table put feng shui things you also should know ma.
Boss: Orh orh orh. You got a point there.
Me: Ah boh den? Sir, I go for tea now. Bye.

Me: Call this so and so and process this thing in the next half and hour.
ML: Er, what's the number?
Me: KNN. You diploma in what? IT right. Cheebeh don't know MS outlook can go and search the person name got the office number there ah. First time use computer is it? You want me put your photo up on sgboy? You look gay enough, cos your hair nicer than mine.
ML: Er, ok sir.
Me: Never mind. Come we go smoke.

Moral of the story: When I don't get to sleep the whole fuckin night cos I was constantly woken up by women from the past appearing in ghostly fashion amidst a dark warehouse lookin room always shrouded in a spotlight, don't ask me stupid things in the morning.


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