I think it was a good pay night after all.

I popped down to the Geylang Sivan temple after work, cos I just love this bloke and it was his dad's 1 year death anniversary prayers. This is when I realize how blase some people are, and how they totally lack decorum, leading to the fact that I totally disrespect these losers and I'm happy they are all schooling in this fine institution called NUS. =)

See, I don't get it. A temple is not a hotel ballroom. If someone invites you to an event in a temple, do you just go there and stand stand and wait for it to get done, and then just have your fill of food and leave?

Wouldn't you stop to pray? At least once? Cos, that's what people do in temples? Anyhow, the same night, there was a procession of Sivan+Parvathi+Murugan, these are not everyday things so after saying hi to the boy, I is was following the procession all the way. It was good. The standing was not.

Hi Shini! Haha. I see you at a club the first time round and then I see you at a temple the next. And don't anyhow whack me all and walk la, people is staring at me. Macam I come to temple also need to tackle girl. By the way, the girl in red with her mate, was soo soo familiar, it kinda consumed my thoughts the whole time there as to how I know of her.

I was happy to see the boy's grandmother though. Such a sweet thing she is. Although she's plagued with health issues, can't walk properly and has slight dementia too. She remembered me! I is happy. We met at the eye clinic in TTSH, which was how this friendship got renewed. And I'm glad, cos he's such a nice, polite, no fanfare, tell it as it is bloke. Quite unlike the rest of NUS.

And then the granny started coughing. I was eating, she was coughing. She was behind me, I didn't have eyes at the back of my head. Why is it that I can wake up from the middle of my meal, to go get her a cup of water to soothe her throat when all this NUS bastards are just standing and milling around like cows grazing on pasture? And why is it, that with them, the girlfriends kinda get joined at the hip with their boyfriends? Do they follow each other to the toilet too?

And why is it that all these losers think that auditioning and appearing on Vasantham programs is some kinda big celebrity hoo haa event for them? Is you not knowing that Vasantham or no Vasantham, everyone's gonna see you at the wet market/barber/sneaking into the brothel at Geylang/getting piss drunk and vomiting over yourself at clubs / smoking / philandering / whatever else boys and girls of your age do?

Either way, I thank the lord I didn't enter this school full of asswipes. Of women and men who even before offering a greeting to me will think thrice and check their surroundings first, seeing who sees them do it. Yes, I am the Anti Christ. And no, I don't need to shake your hand for me to feel good. Just forget I existed then, if you are soo careful about your relationships. If you insist on trying again, I will slap you. Temple or no temple. And then I'll blog about the bravery of your NUS blokes, three quarters of which will just stand there and watch you get pummelled to the ground, the other quarter of course would already be in the cab back home.

Before I even went to BQ, I had a hint of impending politics. I was like damn! Not tonight! Lucky I arrived late enough for it to be all sorted out and all I had to do was say, "So, shall we go now?". Yey! Germany-Costa Rica was a solid match. These Germans can really run. And the Costa Ricans can really play. Glad there were many goals. I like this feeling. Of sitting and watching and commenting and swearing and NOT have money on the game. It is a good feeling. Cos whoever wins, I seriously couldn't give a fuck.

Ah, talking about betting. Stop calling me and askin for tips. I don't run FIFA. I am not a high flyer bookie san match fixer. I am not the encylopedia of all things 'underground'. I don't even know what the house rules at the baccarat table in Genting are. So, yes. I is off this gambling chariot. Too many vices I hold. Must strike some off from time to time.

Did I forget to mention, that Geylang is really a nice place to chill in the wee hours of the morning. And the next time, when I tell someone I am at Geylang and you respond with "Eeeee, doing what?". I will personally screw you till your eardrums split. By screw, I mean dick in your ear screw. KNNBCCB. Geylang got no food ah? Got no shops ah? Got no coffeeshop ah? Got no petrol station ah? Geylang is just one massive complex housed with massage parlours and brothels and ready rooms with a huge neon sign that says "Come in. Fuck me." ah? NNB. Please la, don't be a one tracked mind bloody fuckin Singaporean. It irritates me.

My last words: Paraguay to win!


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