Fuck Spain

And I thought Holland was always my bogey team. Spain is probably another great under achiever in the world stage. I mean what the hell man. I hate it when the dissapointment arrives through an sms which I view in the morning rather than watch the game live so I can curse and swear in real time.

The war has begun. What happens when someone keeps hounding the D for Disicipline theorem with you. You go on MC. A nice solid, written by a doctor, perfectly certified and legal one no doubt. This is to show that you play by the rules. Alas, Edi was not too happy. Though, he kinda softened after I tried to logically point out that I might have got the sorethroat bug from him after we shared that lemon tea bottle yesterday.

Don't push us, cause we're close to the edge
We're tryin, not to lose our heads

I get the feelin sometimes that make me wonder
Why you wanna take us under

Can't nobody take my pride
Can't nobody hold me down
I got to keep on movin

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