Soul Plane

This is your soul plane chauffeur Captain Antoine Mack speaking.
Welcome aboard NWA flight 069 from the 310 to the 212.
It's time to bust this coney y'all.
In a hot second, I'll be hittin' them switches and gettin' this bitch pumpin' and jumpin'.
So screw your shit on tight and enjoy the flight.

And when you're turning 18 and want to get your dad off your back about freedom issues, try this:


Dad, I'm 18 years old in a coupla more hours. Then I can party, and have sex. Yeah, sex. Missionary, doggy style, rocking the baby, getting T-backed, playing the trombone while I'm tossing his salad, hand jobs, ear jobs, blow jobs, getting a pearl necklace, riding the baloney pony, sucking off the horse.
Whenever I want. Wherever I want. And best of all, I won't have to listen to you.


Okie my child. Here's my Amex Platinum. I'm sorry I stopped ya. Go have a good night clubbin.


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