Due to the ultra thick skin I have, I don't really feel this emotion of embarassment all too often. Also cos I am of the delusion that I conduct myself without having to be embarassed. But now and then, God says. Let's teach this boy this emotion he so lacks. And thus, I encountered this:

A convo between me and my best bud tonight:

He: ello

Me: ello, wah so N needs 1K urgently eh? Just saw the sms just now.

He: Ya la, he rent a car then go and langgar until bonnet gone case. Now need 1.2 just for damages but also need to pay loss of value cos car is still in workshop till he settles the bill.

Me: Ohhhhh. Well, I'm last person to ask man. I myself living for the next day.

He: Izzit. Everyone got financial problem now man. Anyway, its N's birthday he asking us to come out have dinner.

Me: Ah, cannot la got exam tmrw, summore so broke how to even leave the house. Sure spend money.

He: Ya, which is why, I need some cash to go also, you got 10 bucks on you?

Me: No la! KNNBCCB I just only said I myself in poverty right!

He: Ohhhh. Can ask your mum loan you first?

Me: You siao ah, for me already no money. I so paiseh to ask. How to ask for you?

[Ultra long silence....me in thought.....he in thought]

He: So, urmz, can return me that 10 bucks you borrowed?

Me: *Boooooooooooooooooooooooooosh* Huh?!??! When dei did i borrow? OH don't tell me that day I went to Tunnel to see you one.

He: Yes, thats the day, the cigarettes in the morning you take from me the money what.

Me: Oh fuck! Sorry dei, so sorry I totally forgot, if I had I'd give you now. But as you know, tomorrow I see if can pass you already.

He: Ah, now all respectful la, just now macam macam only.

Me: *sheepish laughter*

He: KNN you owe me then still aksyen just now.

Me: How I know, people broke, you come borrow money I also tu lan right. I forgot la, sorry.

He: Ok la, its fine, I try dig dig in my house find. Maybe that night you not "level" enough to remember.

Me: Ya la, thats why. Your fuckin Tunnel, ask for bourbon coke I get Black Cat coke.

He: *sheepish laughter* okok. good luck for your exams, check you this weekend or something.

ME: *Thank god this entire embarassment is finally ending*

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