Friday - Part I

I have a very eventful life. Very very. I don understand why mine is filled with such events, nor the frequency of such events. But yeah, it's been like that since young. Many things happen to me, many things I happen to see, and many things just happen. You don't believe me?

I shall bring you thru my typical Friday and Saturday in a few short entries. Then you too will share my pain. In my pursuit of a mediocre lifestyle, the crises keep pouring and the cosmic tangles jus keep making the pursuit pointless and endless. I think this is my destiny. I is a superstar. So, I shan't aim to shy away no more. Its time to embrace the limelight baby.

So, here goes, numero uno.

On Friday, I only had one thought in mind. And that was to go to the funeral of my mate, Jega and leave in one piece. It is not unknown that the coppers are gonna be around, in plain clothes at that, waiting and spotting who who all attends this wake. Call it a confirmation if you will on their part, that whoever they thought was affiliated to whom, is the truth.More importantly, it will be a culmination of various ahem "groups" and personalities. And most of them I don't want to see. If not gotta do the whole "hello, hows it going...i'm okie...u still in that "group"?...ah...well take care i gotta tend to more impt things/take a pee/answer a call/anything that works la".

Ah, don't you think it so interesting that this particular case comes out in the Straits Times no less [wonder why the New Paper didnt pick up on this fiasco] 3 days consecutively. The 1st day, was that teeny weeny thing that said someone fought someone. The second day we saw a bapok professing much love for the deceased, holding up his Deepavalli photo shot all. And the third is above, recounting the true story of his repentance, aching for a normal life, and eventually the events leading up to this death.

Read the third last paragraph, where the bapok "clarifies that she is just a pub buddy of the victim" and not boyfriend. That 2 bit punk better "clarify" and "clarify" good and later "testify" in court properly also to hang the right men. KNNBCCB. This change only came about after numerous friends and family knocked a lot of "sense" into that dumb fuckwit the eve of the funeral. OF course la...knn...ppl call me even can ask "eh your friend gay ah? how come his girlfriend is one bapok". NNB.. pissed off ah. Ppl die already still name kena smeared by a media whore.

So, the funeral went on. As usual, old "members" and friends turned up in full force the night before and on that day. A lot of the high profile people kept away, fully aware of the cop presence. I myself saw a cop I knew and was asking him "you related to jega meh?". His sheepish smile said it all. So, I told him "want to come in mufti also at least change your shoes la...ur fuckin black shoes make it damn obvious u know". Another sheepish smile.

Flowers were placed, tears were shed. Quite enlightening to see grown men cry. Especially when its for a worthy cause and not dumb "my gfren broke up with me" bullshit OR, "my gfren is having a baby, i need money for the abortion" bullshit.

An interesting fella was this Chinese Eurasian mix guy. He came with a bandanna and with his mum. His mum and him were sharing ciggies and beer below at the void deck. As it is, if you don't already know. Everyone has beer at such events. The Econ minimart uncle damn happy to see us summore. And this fella starts breaking down and crying and bawling and whatever la. He cry until other people's tears stopped. In disbelief. Like "who the hell is this fella?". Everytime he cries his mum soothes him down and says classic lines like "I never born a girl ok? Be a man." And later, after his cries "Bastards! Bastards! Motherfuckers who kill him! He was a nice chap dei [cue: hug the nearest KLK]", his mum goes "If you are my son, you give at least one man die for this". Apparently he didnt know the brother in law was the one who had a major part in his death.

Ah, now the revelation. The man who did give the 16 stabs was not the brother in law but his good friend. Reason? Cos in one of those "anneh, my husband jus drank and whacked me" followed by "knn..u wait i come there now" followed by "dishoom dishoom fling flung...u cheebai...nex time u touch my sister again i will kill you" scuffles, this fella was caught in the crossfire once. Just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time he had got a major beating together with the brother in law. Thus, his revenge.

Though 16 times is a bit too animal even for Kamalhassan in Alavanthaan. Summore the stabs weren't perpendicularly into the chest like straight on, they came from above and tore a lot of flesh on the exit. So, we saw how the lung was punctured. Also, he had got stabbed upwards just below the jaw. You know that hollow portion. Severing his jugular vein too. And the numerous slashes at the back and the nicks and cuts on his face. It was a sad sight. They even put shades on his corpse so it would divert attention from the beaten face.

The new Mandai crematorium looks good anyhow, they really did it nicely. Nice AV system, good seats and aircon, clean place. Numerous bookings also, there's this LED screen that flashes whose service is due at which hall at what time. Knn, bumper crop la that day. 4 different "screenings" for just one hall. Starting at 9 in the morn to 5 in the evening.

And it rained. Aint that a good omen, when it rains at funerals. I heard that somewhere I think. Something of the nature of God weeps for you and with the grieved.

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