Today: SDP's 4 planks

THE Singapore Democratic Party's (SDP) campaign for the upcoming election will revolve around four main issues: the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) saga, CPF contributions, Ministers' salaries and the rising cost of living.

Just the thought of the headline gives me shivers of pirates of the caribbean with dear Johnny walking the plank. And that's what they are really, the SDP. Bunch of no good pirates. Headed by the once-twice-thrice fallen "Dr" Chee Soon Juan. I mean you gotta have really a lot of thick skin or no fuckin shame to have lied, betrayed [Dear uncle Chiam] and got criminalized and still want to release some loserish 4 point plan to contest the juggernauts.

1. NKF Saga

It is gonna be proven without doubt that Durai and his cronies did orchestrate the entire falling of the charity. Definitely, I am not a subscriber of this campaign that if the farmers' harvests fall short, the Minister of Agriculture has to resign. I mean no logic right? When something goes wrong, you put it right. When you have no idea something is wrong, how you gonna put it right? So, Khaw Boon Wan is indeed getting off scot free on this event.

2. CPF Contributions

CPF contributions were hotly debated last election. In fact this entire 4 point plan was probably released last elections just with the order changed. KNN la, you go and tamper with CPF contributions now and its definitely gonna have an adverse effect on the economy. I don't know what doctorate this man holds but econometrics is not one of it. Employers cough up more, look at their bottomline, lay off more staff, compact their finances, unemployment rises, welfare needs rise, gahmen gotta pay more to take care of the fools with no jobs, someone's gotta pay for it, get it from the one's who do have a job then. Alas, the dominos will fall and fall hard.

3. Ministers' salaries

Really, seriusly, get off this horse la. I quote this TNP reporter who wrote on Sunday's edition that "Singaporeans want politicians whose fathers were pig farmers but they are now professionals. Even then they not happy. They truly are happy when there are politicians whose fathers were pig farmers-they are professionals now-but still live like pig farmers". I wish I could show you the stats but I know for sure that the ministers here are not "overpaid" a la TT Durai. Damn, if Durai was the minister, even his backpay would have helped fund Ethiopia for a year.

4.Rising cost of living

Hmmm, back to my economics doctorate point. As the world revolves, everyone wants to make more money. There's either inflation or recession or break-even. If we do not encounter inflation, that means the economy is stagnating or even contracting. Which means we suck. Jus take a moment to ponder, every quarter the gahmen claims the economy has grown so and so percent. How big can this figure get? You grow till infinity. That's the beauty of mathematics, that there is never an end. You wanna grow you can grow till you engulf the world. You wanna contract you only can hit ground zero. Living costs WILL rise. The true question is does spending power rise with it? Or PPP [Purchasing Power Parity]?

It's amazing how just one article can make me condemn a party. But that's the way it is. Choose a fucktype leader like this one. And you know you aint going nowhere. Yeah that's right, you wanna topple the most squeaky clean gahmen anywhere in the world and you helm yourselves with a charged criminal. Haiz.

"The opposition has no standard" - MM Lee

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Anonymous said...

Theres a old story i recall man,
where by all cows/bulls or buffalos are together the lion cant get close... but when they are separated they are an easy target for makan for the lion.

For One.. Opposition is not Singing the same song.. and they dont seem to be getting well together in any way. They are just selfish for thier own party well being.

2nd very suprisingly.. MM exposed his weakness during the CNA interview clearly and he just shut up everyone by diverting the questions to other topics.. well i dont know why they cant use those points as a pointers to go around.

Well just felt like pouring my frus over the Oppositions.


PS : well there wasnt any indians in the session.. what would have happen if a KLK was in the interview.hmmm

Anonymous said...

Your arguments don't stand:

1/ the NKF saga is a failure of the PAP social system relying on unckecked charities. Moreover it shows that Singapore has no checks and balances when it comes to individuals getting rich over credulous people: had an influent someone in SPH not gotten flustered with Durai, the whole stuff would have stayed hidden and would have gone the same for years. Simply look at all the churches. It has also to do with 3 and the govt knows it: the govt pays itself and compared to the govt budget "it is peanuts" as some one would put it.

as for 4/ are cost of leaving and inflation are the same?