What have you done for me lately?

The what-have-you-done-for-me-lately project.

The results:

Me: You my friend right? I your friend right? Ok, I ask you. What have you done for me lately?

Chitra: Accompany you on smoke breaks. Answered your calls without fail, tryin to be one-call away. Make you laugh by saying idiotic stuff. Called you bro and broke your heart.
Sumi: Listening to your incessant whinings.
Bianca: Went to a movie with you. Talk to you on smoke breaks.
Shamini: Nothing lor. I haven't seen you since dunno when.
Dhiviya: Errr...nothing...I think.
Santhya: In all frankness, nothing.

Go on...Ask your friends. What have YOU done for me lately. Let them ask you back too. See how give and take your r'ship really is.

Late addition [1512H]:

So, for the numerous ppl out there, some of whom do read me, be forewarned. The next time I get jolted in msn or on the phone with a "Shanker can you get me this or Shanker can you help me find out that", expect a "What have you done for me lately".

And if the answer aint good enuf, take a hike.

I'm truly tired. Of wasting precious 5 cents sms [i aint stingy but Starhub is making me such], wasting precious EzLink credit, hustling and bustling to get your stuff for you. From today, it's me first. And me only unless I voluntarily extend my helping hand.

I mean I don geddit. Typical indian friggin keling behaviour: "Help me get this, cheaper than that, gimme best price hor". WTF does best price mean? You want me to break even? Make 10 cents? Make 2 dollars? When total time and bus/MRT/cab fare spent to get you your stuff could border in the 10 dollar range. And at least have the fucking decency to offer your services voluntarily the next time I need something done. And I will always need things done, as long as I have "friends" like these.

And at the very least, when you get something good. What do you do? What the fuck do you do? Just say, thank you and walk away happy that you struck a bargain. Or do you instead see how you can repay this gratitude you "seemingly" feel by promoting the merchant who supplied you the product?

You lazy arse selfish fuckwits! Do I look like a China hooker to you? Used for ten minutes, costing forty dollars and getting the cum filled condom thrown into the bin never to be heard of again. Even they get rave reviews from frequent customers.

Waaah. Bro, you better try Angel from XXX massage parlour man. KNNB her neh neh si beh tua. Summore got the CFM look, consperm make you horny ah

So, enough ranting. I say again. Don't ask me for anything unless you're especially sure I love you enough to do it for ya. And the world doesnt run on free goodwill. There is no free lunch. Hope you get the hint.

If you read this and think it's you. Then it's you. If you read this and are unsure of it could be one of youse, beep me. If I love you enough, you'd have read this and knew it wasn't you.

Disclaimer: The line "what have you done for me lately" was inspired by a Martin Lawrence stand up act, where he claims it is one of the fav lines for black girls to ask their men in order to emo-shut-em-up.

SUMO baby. Shut Up Move On.


Quote of the day: "She's like the wind that messes up your hair" - Bianca Zen

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