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I take back what I said in a previous entry. The WP although not impressing me much with their lack of a handshake while delivering their party leaflets, does in fact have a manifesto I quite like.

But firstly, the shakedown. If you didn't already know, this election will be contested by 3 main political parties. The SDA, WP and the PAP. The SDA has 4 members, the Singapore People's Party (SPP), the National Solidarity Party (NSP), the malay based Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura (PKMS) and the Singapore Justice Party (SJP).

PKMS and SJP, I couldn't even find their official party website. The SDA was founded to mainly facilitate the banding together of smaller parties and is modelled after Malaysia's Barisan Socialis that used to operate on both sides of the causeway. The alliance member with the greatest number of votes or members in parliament holds the power in deciding the heading of the entire alliance. Chiam See Tong of the SPP has since changed his election strategy from returning the PAP to power by contesting less than half of the available seats in order to encourage people to vote opposition while being reassured that the government that they know and are comfortable with doesn't evaporate, now has decided to fight for it all, dog and bone style. This only bodes well for the laymen like us. Of course la, competition better than not ma.

Their respective manifestos and aims are available here:

SPP: http://www.spp.org.sg/VISION%20AND%20DIR.htm
NSP: http://www.nsp.sg/aboutus.php
PAP: http://www.pap.org.sg/ [Click on A Better Life for All graphic]
WP: http://www.wp.sg/
[By far the best manifesto I've seen, click to download under manifesto heading]

As I was saying, the WP fellas never shake our hand. But still, one wonders if when they do knock on the door, would people even respond well or just get paranoid that they shouldn't be seen talking to the opposition, especially since my GRC belongs to the king of the country. This was theorized by my mum and my boss.

I said if i was in the WP and I met such cocksta people. Those si beh kiasee type. I note down their house and in the still of the night run around with a spray can and a stencil of the hammer and "tag" their door. Booyakasha! Serves you right, you rude mofos. I means will ask them come in, offer them Milo all, discuss election strategy.

Like tell them, why you all want to fight at places where no have upgrading yet. Then PAP can offer it and the clowns will run like pubescent boys to pussy. Go fight in the areas where upgrading is ALREADY done la. What more can they do to entice the public? Build roof top swimming pools meh? Cannot be right. It won't take 1 election to sway them, but as time goes on and they realize no more upgrading is coming their way since they already got it once, then the clowns will stop to think.

Think about macro issues and not micro day to day affairs. Cos to govern means to set a plan for the long term.

The WP manifesto wants, of many other things:

1.The civil service must be politically neutral, true to the rule of law.

2. The rationale for electoral boundary changes and the proposed boundaries should be announced at least a year before the next GE.

3. The NMP system should be abolished as no one should be allowed to vote on legislation without a mandate from the people. [Very true! I don't want Eunice Olsen deciding my fiscal policies for me! She turns letters on TV for gods sake.]

4. Ministers should be paid variable bonuses upon achieving certain measurable indicators such as GDP growth, unemployment numbers, etc.

5. Ministers should declare all their assets to the public including assets owned before they take up office and after they leave office.

6. Victims of crime are inadequately taken care of in criminal cases. The victim suffers expense and inconvenience and is not properly compensated for all this.

7. Accused persons who are mistakenly arrested should be compensated as it brings about loss of income, stress, loss of reputation. The burden of the executives' errors should not be borne by the innocent. [Tell me about it, knn kena CNB raid. I suddenly from normal "citizen" became "the accused". pass urine test still must sign personal bail]

8. Single parents must not be left out of available assistance schemes.

9. Introduce a Board of Equal Opporunities so no one is discriminated on account of ethnicity, origin, gender, age, socio economic class.

10. Any tuition fee increases for tertiary institutions should be subject to scrutiny by an independent watchdog to ensure that it is minimum and justifiable.

11. All govt ministers and exco members of political parties should not take office in trade unions at any level.

About the best I can do, while sleepy and scrolling through 52 pages of text that has covered most of our country's concerns. Ranging from the arts and media to even national security.

Kudos WP! Good job with this write up. Wasn't too hard wasn't too low class.

I strongly suggest you guys read it. All the way. If not, you'll jus about miss out the tiny little details in that massive system of ours that jus seems a bit too tweaked for peoples' own good.


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