The roundup of the day. Damn busy ah today. Got CV2003 Civil Engin Materials to look at for tomorrow's paper. Summore, kena snook. It seems there're 10 chapters that I haven't even printed out. Gosh. How? Dilemma. Paper or my printer ink. Somehow, I jus feel it in my bones that the printer ink more worth it.

Today, is the last day for Mata Amritanandamayi aka Amma aka The Hugging Saint holding court in Singapore. Was there in 2004, although it was a Malayalee function and organization thru and thru [Amma hails from Kerala], it was a good experience. None of the bullshit, seances and trances you might expect. A basic showering of love from another human being. The essence of it all is good enough for me. Amma's international organization and followers also serve as a major money raking charity that gives almost everything back to those who need it.

"Amma Pillai Chella Pillai"

Venue: Teochew Building beside Tank Road temple
Event: 20th April 2006(Thu)
10:00am - Dhyan and Darshan
07.30pm - Satsang, Bhajans, Dhyan and Darshan [Darshan is the 'hugging' itself]

Do note, you gotta take a token to join the queue to receive Darshan. First timers get more priority, though sad that even this small issue also ppl will lie and cheat to get ahead in the queue.

Amma.org link.
CNA link.

Elections are upon us. Finally, after all the beating around the bush. Choose date also cannot say fast. The rough and tough of what is coming up in the month and following.

Singaporeans will go to the polls on Saturday, May 6, which will now also be a public holiday.
[Any difference meh, 5 day work week liao]

Nomination Day is on Thursday, April 27.

The ruling People's Action Party now controls all but two of the 84 seats in Parliament.

9 nomination centres.

They are Admiralty Secondary School, Bedok View Secondary School, Bendemeer Primary School, Bukit Panjang Government High School, Fajar Secondary School, Jurong Junior College, Ngee Ann Secondary School, Pei Chun Public School and Tao Nan School.

Candidates will have to turn up with the necessary election documents between 11am and 12noon on Nomination Day.

The election deposit per candidate is $13,500.

This is 8 per cent of the total allowances payable to an MP in the preceding year, rounded to the nearest $500.

CNA Link.

Thus, to the those who were not privy to this information before this.

8% - $13500
100% - $169000 [rounded to the nearest $500]

Aight, so my MP is legally allowed to earn $169,000 in one year. Motherfuckin hell! And they put the platinum credit card range at just $50,000 a year? Damn. There is some good financial shit going on in the Parliament.

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