Saturday - Part I

Just to prove my point, I am going to do a Saturday night post. This time just 2 parts. Lemme see if I can recall properly or not.

I woke up only at 7 believe it or not. Tons of missed calls and messages, so I selected my favourite 3 people to respond to and fuck care the rest. Paiseh la, priorities ma.

Chelsea was playing Man Utd. Nothing fazed me, not even the scoreline. 3-0 is a good victory to mark the end of a victorious campaign. Just heart pain, that we've had no luck in the Champions League. Did a little cheating betting too. Logged onto Ladbrokes at 85 mins into the game and bought a scoreline bet for 3-0. 5 minutes I waiting, then ka ching. Ok, happy. I didnt want to go out actually, but haiz, everyone else was out. Some ppl went to the Ngee Ann show, some were fucking, some were boozing, and the tamil movie didnt look so appetizing. So, I gathered my resources, just over 10 bucks and left the house.

Firstly, I made a stop at Outram after 2 of my malay guys picked me up in a cab. Lo and behold, one of them changed girlfriend, at least this one is MILF-pretty. I had to go to Cantonment for a coupla minutes because someone requested to see me. That's all I'll say and no, I don't need a ready bailor, it is a private matter, and no, I won't be seeing the hallowed walls of Changi anytime soon also. Cos Prison got no broadband. How will i blog?
Credit: Uber Mommy.

The function today was simple. One of the masseuses at my friend's parlour, her mummy birthday. Not mamasan mummy, but real mum. So we all went, to Mahligai Manis, fine Dangdut at Selegie Center. Gangster paradise. Gave me the chills. Actually it didnt give me as much chills as watching the crowd outside Amaran. The tension was clogging the air, I just knew the Malay joint would be safer and I was proven right. Big ass fight at Amaran last night at about 330, the club closed early too. Obi good ah. Progress summore la, assholes.

The dangdut was fucking seedy man. I mean, apart from the live band belting out Malay hits, from a time long gone and Hindi song being littered here and there, it was not such a bad place to be in. The only other Indian there was the bouncer, a nod, a smile, I know I'm covered. So, cut cake, eat eat, all happy. Drink drink. 3 bottles worth. And we left for Bedroom. Even the leaving portion we had to urmz do a bit of fakery here and there, tell people we were going home if not they wouldn't have let us leave. Oh, you know those remix songs in Raaga and Asoka where they change the lyrics to some local Indian content. You should hear the Malay ones baby, fantastico. One fine day I is stealing that DJs CD.

So, we go to Bedroom. A markedly quieter night since the mayhem yesterday. Even when we had our pre-club stouts there was not even a violent soul around. Coupla plain clothes cops, but thats normal. We no fear, we are model citizens who just drink a lot. Drink at bedroom already, drink drink drunk. At about 6+, it was obvious the liquor was finishing and no one is gonna offer to get summore, so we left. And the fucking thing is, there were NO cabs.

I was amazed. On Saturday night, the whole of Singapore went through a cab shortage. Every goddamn cab was on call or hired. Where are the soothing green lights man. Going "TAXI!!!!!!". Saw a cab fight also. Typical, one fella flags, the other fella potong jalan, fight.

I will continue this in the next post.

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